Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

giovanni hot chocolate

I’ve got THE best smelling beauty product on earth for you today. And I am not exaggerating. I finally purchased the Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub from Vitacost. And now my legs are smooth and my boyfriend smells like chocolate (because yes, he loves it too!) This scrub is going to get a lot of use this summer, and will be great to smell in the winter too!

giovanni hot chocolate scrub

Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

The Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub is made with a base of sugar, and safflower oil. The larger scrubby bits, color and smell come from pieces of real cocoa bean. There are also some pieces of walnut shell, and vitamin E. Overall it’s a great natural scrub for the skin that gets the job done and smells great doing it.

More about the smell. It literally smells just like hot chocolate. Sometimes I just smell it in the shower when I don’t need to use it. If you’re a chocolate lover you must try this out! I think it would also make a great gift for some one. Pamper products and chocolate make great gifts, so here’s a two in one!

giovanni hot chocolate scrub

You can see here the base of the sugar with cocoa suspended in it. It is VERY thick and very sugary. A good scrub down with this will get any flaky skin. I love that in the shower it doesn’t slip off the skin too quickly. Other scrubs I’ve had felt more like soap with bits in it, while this is a true scrub.

I use this about once a week after shaving, more if my skin is looking extra dry. (I use it on my legs, and scrub what ever is left over on my arms). My boyfriend used it for a few weeks on some flaky skin he had from a sunburn and it helped get the dead skin off quickly.

I currently have a pretty bad sunburn so I’ll be using this soon to get rid of flakes!

giovanni sugar scrub

The Giovanni Sugar Scrub may not be that different than most sugar scrubs, but the stand out here is that it smells just like hot chocolate. And that’s reason enough, right? It’s also a really good price for the large size and not full of harsh ingredients.

I purchased my scrub from where it was much cheaper! Save $10 off your first purchase of $30.


11 thoughts on “Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

  1. This sounds absolutely amazing! I love scrubs and how soft they make my skin feel, but when you add in the delicious smell of hot chocolate, I’m sold!

  2. I have tried their products in the past with success but nothing beats a chocolate scrub 😉

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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