Physicians Formula Gentle Wear Powder

physicians formula gentle wear

Today I have another make up review for you! It’s the Physicians Formula Gentle Wear Pressed Powder. Sometimes you pop into CVS to see what’s new, and you see that Physician’s Formula is on sale for $7 extra bucks! It’s hard to pass up those bucks because there is always something I need from CVS. I ended up using the extra bucks to buy a new eye cream (review coming soon!) I’ve been trying to powder a little less, and let my natural whatevers glow, but in the humid weather, you just need it sometimes!

physicians formula gentle wear powder

Let’s start with the buzz words. EcoBlend. Natural Origin. Organic. I’m no expert, so it’s hard for me to say what these words really mean, but I’m hoping for the best.

In my quest to use more natural items on my face, the make up part has been hard. I have a small budget, and limited resources. I want to swatch make up, make sure it’s the right shade for me and that I like the formula. That’s pretty hard with buying stuff online. So when I ran out of my Rimmel Stay Matte, I really had no choice but to pick up something cheap from the drugstore.

physicians formula powder

Physicians Formula has always been one of my favorite drugstore brands, but I actually don’t have a lot from them. I decided on the Gentle Wear Pressed Powder because it said right on the package it was free of parabens, and there weren’t any other companies marketing that aspect.

It may not be completely natural, it might not be natural at all, but at least it’s free of parabens?

physicians formula

I don’t use a lot of powder in my make up routine, just a little to set under eye concealer, around the nose and on the forehead. I’m all about that natural glow, but sometimes you just definitely need a little powder. I don’t need anything too mattifying, or too luminous, just something to keep things in place.

I have been loving the Physicians Formula Gentle Wear Press Powder for this purpose. It is finely milled so it doesn’t look cakey, and glides over my skin smoothly.

physicians formula powder

All Physicians Formula powder cosmetics come in bulky packaging with a mirror and a brush. In this case, the brush was made of goat hair. I threw it out.

I am not traveling with this, but I do feel like it would make a good purse compact. It’s got a mirror and feels durable.

I love the leafy pattern, very clean and simple. Since it is just sitting on my vanity, I do wish it was thinner packaging, as to not take up space.

physicians formula powder swatch
I have the shade Translucent Medium, which has a little color to it, but doesn’t really add much coverage to the skin. I don’t really expect my powder to cover at all, I just want it to set liquid products.

I will continue using this pressed powder everyday. It does exactly what I need it to for my make up routine, and I don’t have to worry about it in my make up bag when I travel on the weekends!

physicians formula gentle wear

What is your favorite pressed powder for setting your make up?


15 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Gentle Wear Powder

  1. Such a pretty compact too. I haven’t tried the PF pressed powder, but there are a number of gorgeous embossed items that they’ve got now that I would love. Honestly, I am not obsessing about parabens because a lot of dermatologists think that they are OK and can be beneficial especially if you don’t throw out your cosmetics every 3-6 months (and that would be me). I’m using Maybelline Dream Powder and I like it a lot, plus Bare Minerals loose powder and Ben Nye Setting Powder depending on my mood.

  2. I recommend trying out setting powders with a slight tint. It sounds weird but I have one (from a different brand) with a slightly green tint and it really helps set makeup and eliminate redness.

  3. I’m such a sucker for Physicians Formula’s packaging. They do make nice products, though, even if they’re the most expensive in the drug store. Plus, they have such good sales! I’ve been wanting to try a new powder, so I’ll be on the lookout for this one!

  4. I really have enjoyed using most PF products that I’ve picked up. I’ve actually been looking for a new setting powder for touch up’s so maybe I’ll give this a try! I have no idea why but I just can’t get myself to spend a bunch of money on a powder!! Especially when they need to be trashed after so long!

  5. I am such a Sephora addict but this brand has the best powders! I haven’t tried this exact one yet so I’m deff going to! Their bronzers also give a great glow and not a tint of orange.

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