First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

first aid beauty cleanser

When you’re a beauty blogger, you sometimes end up with random products around, and sort of forget you have them, or forget to think about them in terms of blog content. When I saw Julie from Collective Beauty Blog mention the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser in an empties post I suddenly thought…”I think I have that in my shower!” Some time ago in a gift set or something, my boyfriend ended up with this tube of the FAB cleanser. He didn’t really like it, so it just lived in the shower not being touched. Since it was his, I never thought to try it. Until I learned it was Julie’s favorite!

first aid beauty face cleanser

I have the 2.0 oz bottle which is only $10. I think it was from the Sephora “aisle of doom” at the check out actually. A regular sized tube is $20, which is still a pretty good price for Sephora. I love the packaging, a squeeze tube is always great. I use this in the shower in the mornings, so in my tired state it’s nice to not have to think too much. Cute design as well, I like to pretend I know french and read it.

face cleanser FAB

I love that the name of this product is ‘Face Cleanser’. It’s simple and to the point. It cleans your face. It doesn’t fight acne, or hydrate skin, or anti aging whatever. It cleans your face. Especially in the morning, that’s all I really want my cleanser to do.

The formula is creamy, and fragrance free. It’s got a kind of shiny look to it, a little different than other cleansers I’ve used.

After about two weeks of use, I can say for sure I am in love with this product. I love how easy and gentle it is for everyday. My skin has been very clear lately, and much less red in the cheeks than usual. I can tell it is really getting all the gunk out of my skin because my pores are barely noticeable anymore!

first aid beauty face cleanser

While not a completely natural item, FAB products are free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. This cleanser is also fragrance free which I really prefer. Fragrances are usually too intense for me!

If you’re in the market for something simple, this is a great product to check out. I reallllyyyyy need to try more FAB products soon! If their other products are anything like this, then I’m sure I will love them too.


8 thoughts on “First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

  1. Yes, Julie adores this cleanser! I haven’t tried it yet but I love the FAB products that I own. A former client of mine is applying for a job with them, and I hope he gets to work for this great skincare brand!

  2. Sounds amazing going to give it a go
    I also have a blog if anyone wants to check it out it would be greatly appreciated really want to make a place for myself in the beauty industry so please follow.:)

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