Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover

jason quick clean wipes

For years I was a true lover of make up wipes. They are just so damn easy when it’s 10pm and you realize you still have make up on and are too tired to do anything else. But, then I realized make up wipes were doing nothing for my skin, and nothing for the environment. I have since seized use of the daily make up wipe. I came across this product from Jason on Vitacost. I have loved other Jason products, and thought maybe these better for you wipes could be of use to me. Well, let’s just say they definitely are…

jason make up wipes

Sometimes I get home from work and I just need to get my make up off. Sometimes it’s 9:30pm and I’m in the middle of a TV show but I want to get my skincare routine going. Sometimes you get home at 12am and you’re alone and find a COCKROACH IN YOUR BATHROOM. #phillyproblems

It’s good to have make up wipes around.

I’d say I only use the Jason Quick Clean Make Up Remover Wipes once a week for my face. But I also use them 2 or 3 times a week to remove swatches from my hands or arm when taking pictures for my blog. That’s actually a huge reason why I love these.

When used on the face, they do a good job removing face make up, but find them too small to also do my eyes. The cloth isn’t abrasive on my sensitive skin. I will go back in with a cleanser or micellar water to ensure the skin is clean.

jason make up wipes jason make up wipe swatch

The pads are tiny. Not exactly ideal for the face, but removing swatches on my hands? Great! I swatched a few different types of products here to show you it removes them amazingly. It’s so much easier to keep these on hand when taking photos instead of walking to the bathroom between pictures.

jason wipes

The Jason Quick Clean Make Up Remover Wipes are packed with aloe, cucumber, and Vitamin E which makes them refreshing and good for the skin. They are also free of parabens, SLS, phthalates and fragrance.

I won’t be using these as my main make up removal item any time soon, but they are a great back up product for quick needs and emergencies!


8 thoughts on “Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover

  1. I don’t really use makeup removal pads, but I do cleansing pads/sheets for when I go camping which is really convenient 🙂 These sound nice!

  2. Looks like they’d be good for removing eye makeup, but I’d go through a few at a time so I guess it’s not cost effective. I use cotton remover rounds along with Rimmel MU remover so the size doesn’t bother me. I use a few, but I think this could get pricey fast.

  3. I’ve never used make up remover pads either. I love the experience of washing my face, it feels so refreshing to me. I have read online of ppl making their own reusable make up wipes from organic cotton. They would throw them in the wash after use. Not sure how effective those would be but I do like the idea.

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