Most Used Hair Products

hair care products

Hair. Frizzy, curly, sometimes more wavy, thick hair. That’s what I’ve got. I’ll never find the hair products that work miracles on my hair because it’s just impossible, but I’ve managed to find a few items that help with hair management well enough for me to keep going back. Any time I’m like “Wow, I’m having a great hair day!” I’ll do the same thing the next day and it’ll look terrible. So if you’ve got curly hair like me, maybe these are a few items you can try out yourself!

miss jessies pillow soft curls

Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls (Full Review)

I tend to use creams or mousses most days to keep my hair tamed. On my sisters recommendation I picked up a tube of the Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. This cream product goes into wet hair. I then style my curls by twisting small sections and letting air dry. This Miss Jessies Product doesn’t feel heavy or greasy in my hair and keep my hair curly without being crunchy. I have tried a sample of the Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls which I liked a lot too.

Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum (Review)

Before adding product I’ll add a small pump of this defrizzing serum from Giovanni into my hair. Or if I’m just don’t a pony tail or bun I’ll add a little. This gives my hair something to hold onto so it doesn’t puff and frizz as much.

Aubrey Natural Missst Hairspray (Review)

If you’re in need of major hair setting, I don’t suggest this. But for everyday, light hold, I love this hairspray from Aubrey. The smell is light and herbal which is awesome first off. I just spritz a little into my curls to keep them in place. I try to not use a lot of hairspray since it’s drying, but I usually end up needing a spritz or two.

frizz ease products

John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver

When I first started experimenting with hair products, I always went for mousses. I’ve tried a lot. I usually end up liking them for a little, then changing my mind and not repurchasing. I’ve used a few bottles of the John Frieda Curl Reviver over the years. As long as I don’t add too much, my hair doesn’t get crunchy. I can style my hair but it still is light and flowy.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Creme (Review)

Probably my most purchased product ever. I have probably been using John Frieda’s Secret Weapon for over 10 years. Secret Weapon is the perfect name. Whenever my hair just needs something, Secret Weapon saves the day. I apply a little of this cream into dry hair, curled or straight. It puts fussy curls back in place, gives straight hair a little hold, tames frizz, hydrates…it’s great! I’m running out must repurchase soon!

most used hair products

What are your favorite hair products? I’m actually running low on a lot of these so I’m trying to see if there are some new things I should try out. Also want to try more natural brands of course!

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18 thoughts on “Most Used Hair Products

  1. These sound great. I don’t think I’ve used any of them. I have the same kind of hair you describe so they will probably help me a lot. It’s so long at the moment I usually just tie it up but I’ve been wanting to do more.

    1. I used to have really long hair so I would put it up all the time. I cut it a lot shorter recently so I need to style it more. Miss my long hair though!

      1. Yeah I’m thinking of cutting it off soon. Not sure how short but the ends a pretty dry and damage so at least it will be good to get rid of that and make it look healthier.

  2. I don’t use that many products in my color-treated hair, but I do love Frieda’s 3 Day Straight. I’ve been using New York Streets Hair Repair instead of the 3 Day Straight and it is performing well too, but frizz weather hasn’t really started here yet.

  3. My hair is very straight, so it’s pretty tame. I like to use the Wen Treatment Mist on the ends of my hair as a detangler or when they’re looking a little dry! I’m extremely low-maintenance (read: lazy) with my hair most of the time, so I don’t know if I could ever handle curly or wavy hair! Kudos to you!

    1. I’ve had that Wen mist before, it IS great for dry ends! Sometimes I really wish my hair was straight, but I guess I’ve just gotta live with the curls!

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