Andalou Naturals Oil Control Beauty Balm

andalou naturals clarifying bb cream

Today I’ve got another beauty product review for ya, and no surprise it’s an Andalou Naturals item!! This one I got from my smart shopper of a mom. She knew I liked Andalou Naturals so she picked up what she could find at Marshall’s awhile back. Then, with a stroke of fate, I ran out of my SPF morning lotion, and she had just the right thing. I needed SPF, I need moisture, but I also needed something good for the impending (and now here) summery weather.

andalou naturals beauty balm

Let’s talk about all the words on the front of this damn tube. Could it BE any longer?

BB (Beauty Balm)- I’m not really sure what they mean by beauty balm. It’s like an SPF, a lotion, and more? BB is a made up term isn’t it. Hah.

Oil Control- As I’ll talk about, this is a mattifying product. Unlike some other sunscreens, this doesn’t feel greasy under make up and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin despite being pretty thick,

Un Tinted- This the whitest of white. I think it could benefit from having tint in it, but maybe that’s where the now famous Cover FX Custom Cover Drops come in? Since it’s a beauty balm I thought it would be tinted.

SPF 30- I’m so happy this has a high SPF. In the winter I was using an SPF 15, but now that I’m in the sun more SPF 30 is a better option.

Clarifying- This product comes from the Clarifying line of Andalou Naturals. These products are designed for oily skin. I usually have dry skin, but in the winter I get much more oily. I still wouldn’t normally go for oil control type products but it isn’t too intense.

andalou naturals bb cream

So I think you can sort of see here how it is a thick cream. I sometimes actually mix it with a drop of oil so loosen it up a little, but it does make me a little shinier throughout the day then. I just squeeze it onto my finger tips and dot around the skin. Then massage in.
andalou naturals beauty balm

At first, you’re like OMG it’s so white. It really is. But just massage a little more, and it will sink into the skin. I find I don’t have to wait long for it to sink in before going in and applying make up.

andalou naturals oil control beauty balm

Once it’s all in, the skin may be a tad lighter in color, but it’s also definitely matte. If you wanted to wear it on its own you definitely could.

I’ll continue using this throughout the summer. The clarifying ingredients are good for my skin especially when I’m getting a little sweaty. The Oil Control aspects keep me matter throughout the day without too much powder.

andalou naturals oil control bb cream

Andalou products are made with organic and fair trade ingredients. GMO free…paraben free…you name it, they’re doing it. They are affordable and really work. They could make any product and I’d give it a try!

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