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Last week (or two weeks?) I received two new products from Covergirl to try out. I don’t buy a lot of drugstore make up anymore, but I was still excited to see what Covergirl is up to these days. Both are eye related, and eyeliner and a mascara. The Covergirl Clump Crusher is probably my favorite drugstore mascara so I had high hopes. I’m not a huge liquid eyeliner wearer, but this new product is different than the usual so I was interested. Now that I’ve used them both for a little bit let’s see what I think of them!


Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner

My liquid eyeliner of choice is the Stila Stay All Day Liner. I love it because it provides a deep black line and doesn’t budge all day long. The tip is also very fine so you can get a thin line.

The Covergirl Intensify Me Liner is pretty different, but it still has some good selling points. Let me explain…


So the main idea of this liner is the interesting paddle shaped tip. “Control of a pencil, intensity of a liquid” as Covergirl says. The pen is most definitely easy to hold and very similar in application to a pencil. The firm tip makes it easy to get the product where you want it. I’ve never seen a liquid liner like this before, but I think it was a great idea on Covergirls part. If you’re new to liquid liner I think this would be a great product to check out.


As you can see here, you can easily get two thicknesses of line. I prefer a thin line of liquid, but if you wanted it thicker just turn the pen and it’s almost twice as thick!

The product is very black like the Stila Liner, but a little less intense. I also found it did not stay as all, but it lasted me a whole work day which is really all I need.

If you’re new to liquid liner I highly suggest this. If you’re comfortable with a brush tip like the Stila liner, I see no reason to change what you’re already using.


Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara

The Super Sizer mascara claims to promise “400% corner-corner volume”. So if you think about what 400% would be, that would be RIDICULOUS. For me, I’ve got very wimpy lashes. They hate to curl and love to clump. Life is hard. I’ve found a few mascaras that work for me over the years but for the most part they just don’t.


In true drugstore mascara fashion, the Super Sizer mascara comes in fun, bright, eye catching packaging. This time around we’ve got bright blue with greenish yellow lettering. The cap is a little thick for my taste, making it a little awkward to hold. A little smaller would be better.


So let’s look at this wand. It’s definitely different than ones I’ve used in the past. It’s thin and long with a lot of short rubbery bristles. All those little bristles really separate my lashes, and I think since they are short they don’t hold onto too much product so less clumping.

With one quick coat, I get separated, long lashes. Perfect. If I attempt a second coat it gets a little clumpy and messy though. This mascara takes awhile to dry, which is maybe why it gets clumpy on a second coat.

The other day after applying I sneezed, and got mascara all under my eyes. What a mess

I found this didn’t keep my curl AT ALL, but honestly no non-waterproof mascara does.

If you’re a mascara junky definitely try it out. I’m thinking I’ll go back to the Clump Crusher because it was the best I’ve used so far.

Think you’ll try out either of these items?


15 thoughts on “New From Covergirl

  1. Wow, so interesting to read all the different reviews of these two products. I am not great at applying liquid liner and I found Intensify Me harder to use than my Jesse’s Girl felt tip pen. The Super Sizer truly is my HG mascara. I’ve even put away my YSL Faux Cils Mascara because I get better results with this new CG mascara. I get super long, super defined, perfectly fanned out lashes with no fallout. I ignored their overly complicated directions and just apply it like normal mascara. I guess I’m lucky. It definitely works for me šŸ™‚

    1. The directions the mascara came with made no sense! Hah. I definitely get long, fanned out lashes, but what I want is CURL and my curl falls so flat with this.

  2. I am not the pro, I should be by now, at using liquid liner. I also think it has a lot to do with the shape of my eyes. I did use the liquid liner they sent and was actually surprised by how easy I thought it was to apply. I like that there is a thin and a thicker option available. The brush was very sturdy, which I think makes it nice to apply if you are still struggling with more traditional brushes. As far as the mascara, I’m on day 3 of it, but so far, I can’t say i love it! I have basically zero lashes and this just doesn’t seem to do much for them. if I use more than one coat, it seems to make them super clumpy.

  3. I’m really not a fan of tiny little plastic wands, but I may pick this one up. Thanks for the heads up about no sneezing afterwards lol, I’ve definitely done that before. The other day I thought I sneezed off my falsies haha šŸ˜‰

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