Foundation Favorite: Rimmel Wake Me Up

rimmel wake me up foundation

With so, so many foundations on the market, it can be a real gamble picking one out. It’s almost like a miracle when you find one that you really love and it comes in the perfect shade. Two summers ago I was on vacation and spent a few days in Vancouver. It was my first time ever in Canada, so that alone made it pretty exciting. I stopped in a drugstore to see if they had anything different. The first thing that stood out to me was this bright orange cap at the Rimmel stand. Why they don’t sell Rimmel Wake Me Up in the states is beyond me. But it’s my favorite foundation.

rimmel wake me up

The bottle I originally picked up and did a blog post on was in the color 201 Classic Beige. At the time I was much tanner and this color was a perfect match. My winter skin was just too pale for it, so I knew I needed another shade. Luckily I found Rimmel Wake Me Up on ASOS. The day I purchased it, it was on sale PLUS free shipping. I picked up the shade 200 Soft Beige which is just enough lighter for my skin right now.

rimmel wake me up foundation

First things first, the products got a pump and that’s really the greatest thing ever. It makes application so much easier and mess free. It’s the little things that count.

I have done a full blog post on Rimmel Wake Me Up, but I hadn’t really realized how absolutely in love with it I was until more recently. I feel like I always get perfect looking skin with so little effort. It’s got glow and coverage, which is exactly what I look for in a foundation.

rimmel wake me up soft beige

I really realized how much I loved this foundation when I was getting ready for a night out. I was being very careful doing my make up to look my best. I suddenly realized how great my skin looked, and it was all thanks to Rimmel Wake Me Up.

I’ll still try other foundations in the future, but I’ll make sure to always keep a bottle of this on hand!

What’s your all time favorite foundation?


11 thoughts on “Foundation Favorite: Rimmel Wake Me Up

  1. This foundation looks amazing on you!! It seems like Rimmel has a few products that are available elsewhere but not readily available in the US. I want to try the new Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation.

  2. My favorite of all times is Lumene CC cream. Love it! I didn’t like this Rimmel wake me up foundation, I even threw it away without using it all:D I have a post why I didn’t like it.

  3. This foundation loos so amazing and natural! I have heard lots of bloggers from other countries mention this, but I have always wanted to try it! I’m headed to Canada soon, so I might need to give this a go!

  4. I have a super hard time finding foundations because I am really pale (natural redhead) and have pink/cool undertones. Most stuff is just too yellow for me. I just snagged one I’m really digging from the Sephora VIB sale. Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Pink Porcelain (110) is the best I’ve found so far for my skin tone.

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