Blogger Inspiration #4 Vivianna Does Make Up



And here we are with another inspiration post! It’s always good to spread the love, and share with others who inspires us. I’ve been showcasing some of my favorites bloggers in this inspiration series, and I’ve still got a few more left I want to give a shout out too. Today we have Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. She is both a YouTuber and a blogger. I feel inspired by her from everything to lipstick to t-shirts. I’m sure lots of you have seen her content, but in case you haven’t, here’s why you should!


With most YouTubers, I don’t really remember how I first started watching them. For awhile I was subscribed to so many people I couldn’t keep up so I decided it was time to weed all the people I thought were annoying, fake, or just didn’t have anything good to say. Anna made the cut, as well as a few bloggers I feel I can now really give my attention too. Anna made the cut because she’s got a fun sense of humor, wears realistic make up, always has multiple suggestions to give, and is just down right gorgeous to look at!


Anna always has make up looks on that are something I would actually wear, so I take all of her recommendations seriously. She is also really great about giving you multiple options for a look at different price points. So if you’re loving Anna’s bronzey eyeshadow, but can’t afford a Lorac Pro Palette, she’ll give you a cheap option with the same effect.

I’m always totally in love with Anna’s lip colors. One day it’s a glossy nude that goes with everything. The next it’s a bright red that stays all day. She pulls them all off, and convinces me to try colors outside my comfort zone.


She’s also got some amazing style. I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe to look more adult and put together, and Anna’s fashion sense is exactly what I’m going for. It all looks so classic and easy, but so put together. I’d pop a little more color in there, but a good neutral base of clothes is definitely needed.

Next Blogger Inspiration post will feature Anna’s counterpart, Lily Pebbles!

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Inspiration #4 Vivianna Does Make Up

  1. I seldom have the patience for YT videos, but Anna looks like a cutie. I love her lipstick in the first photo!

  2. She is really gorgeous! I will def look up her channel…. I tend to not watch youtubers that much unless I’m specifically looking for how to do something. Thanks for the info! That first pic with the dark lip is gorgeous!

  3. I don’t really follow too many you-tubers. Mainly because I feel like all of the super popular ones are fake-ish. This girl seems down to earth and like you said, I love her realistic makeup, she is so pretty!

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