Beauty Book Wish List


As part of getting back into the groove of reading, I want to pick up a few new beauty related books. I like to read a lot of different things, and since I love beauty so much I should be reading about it more! There are so many beauty books you see all over blogs and Instagrams, I really gotta catch up. I read a few natural beauty related books, but I’d like to see what all the fuss is about with some of these more popular ones.

lauren conrad beauty

Beauty by Lauren Conrad

The ultimate of the ultimate. It’s not even fair how beautiful and perfect Lauren Conrad seems to be. I think I would trust anything she says without a second thought. This books seems to be a pretty good place to start in getting acquainted with everything beauty. This would be great to flip through on the couch and reference later on. And use in the background of pictures….


It by Alexa Chung

So I guess this isn’t exactly a beauty book, but I think it fits into the category of the types of books I’m talking about here. I don’t know much about Alexa Chung, but she seems like a pretty cool girl, and this book looks beautiful. This would be the perfect beach/pool book because it looks easy to read and doesn’t require too much brain power. You could make any book pink and I’d want it.

eat pretty book

Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart

Another book that just looks so cute, these girls know what they are doing! I heard about this book from Ashley from makeupTIA. Then saw it again on EssieButton. Two of my favorites YouTubers is all the convincing I need! This book focuses on nutrition and how what you eat effects how you look on the outside! It’s got tips and recipes for looking your best without having to slap make up on your face.

body book cameron diaz

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

I didn’t even know Cameron Diaz knew anything about this stuff till I saw her on Rachel Ray or something. This is another book that focuses more on what you eat instead of what you put on your face. This will be a great summer read for when I have lots of fresh veggies available and it’s warm enough to actually want to leave the house! It’s all about living an overall happy and healthy lifestyle.


Make Up Manual by Bobbi Brown

I feel like this book came out forever, but in reality it was just before my real obsession with make up began. I’m not 100% sure I even need this book because I think I know what I’m doing…but I feel like I’d still like to give it a quick read through. It seems to cover everything under the sun, so there has got to be something helpful for me. I also want to get more Bobbi Brown make up, so if I do that, I’ll get the book.


Check out Look Great, Live Green by Deborah Burnes

and No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt


9 thoughts on “Beauty Book Wish List

  1. I’m an avid reader but I’ve never read a beauty book! I’m not sure they would keep my interest in spite of being a beauty blogger and enthusiast. But some day, I may pick up an eye looks book.

  2. I’d like to read Cameron’s book. I suggest not to waste money on Bobbi Brown. I downloaded it on internet and’s very basic. It can be helpful if you don’t know anything about make-up beauty or know just very little. I didn’t get why some people are so crazy about it and say it’s their beauty bible. Yeah, it summarize basic information, all in ne book. But for someone who reads beautyblogs it’s going to be useless. Of course, I’m sure lots of people won’t agree with me:)

      1. I definitely suggest to take a look at it first. If you are not super against free downloaded books from internet I can send you it in pdf on e-mail 🙂

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