Benefit Gimme Brow

benefit gimme brow review

So I guess I’ve got pretty okay eyebrows. They aren’t too thick or bushy, or too thin and tiny. In my attempts to do anything with my brows in the past, I always hated how it looked. There’s nothing worse than an obviously drawn in eyebrow. My mom had mentioned to me ages ago she liked the Benefit Gimme Brow because it as easy to use and didn’t look crazy after application….so I finally picked one up. $24 seemed like a lot to spend for a tiny little tube, but what else can I except from anything at Sephora?

benefit gimme brow dark

In typical Benefit fashion, everything about the packaging is adorable. Polka dots, fun fonts, and so itty bitty you just love it no matter what.

I chose the darker shade of Gimme Brow (Medium Deep) because I have dark brown hair. I was a little afraid the shade would seem too dark once against my skin, but it actually is the perfect shade. I’m surprised there are only two shade options, but since this one works for me, I don’t really mind.

I use Gimme Brow most days, but not everyday. If I’m going with a simpler, more natural look, or I’m just running errands that day, I don’t really bother. But if I’m doing the whole shebang (eyeliner, shimmery eyes shadow, contour) I’ll pull this baby out.

Gimme Brow adds just enough color to my brows to fill them in and thicken them up without looking drawn on or heavy. The gel texture is apparently fibrous, but I can’t really see any fibers. It gives the brows just that little something to make them look perfect.

benefit gimme brow brown


I love the tiny brush head. It is the perfect size for precise application on the brows. If it were bigger, I feel like my tired, morning eyes would just get gel everywhere. Especially on the thinner ends of the brows, it’s pretty mess free.

I’ve seen some similar products from the drugstore have bigger tips, but they seem a little too cumbersome for me.

benefit gimme brow

The product also came with this little cheat sheet. Honestly, it’s not very helpful. It’s a pretty simple product to use, I’m sure you can figure it out!


17 thoughts on “Benefit Gimme Brow

  1. I haven’t tried it but I love the size of the wand. I always forget to do my brows because I have bangs!

  2. I love this but mine just ran out so I’m trying to look for cheaper alternatives. Love how the applicator is so small and precise. Plus your brows don’t go all crispy, like with some brow products! X

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