Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner

wen fig cleansing conditioner

One of the earliest reviews I ever did was for the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. When I got a bottle of the same product in a different scent, I hadn’t planned to do another review since there wouldn’t be much new to say. Buuuuuut, I was wrong. Today we’re talking about the Wen Cleansing Conditioner in the Fig scent. I LOVE figs, and since I loved Wen I really wanted to try the scent. I also think I read somewhere the fig scent was more hydrating and better for curly hair, but I don’t know were I read that.

wen fig cleansing conditioner

When it comes to how to use the product, there is no difference in all of the Wen scents. If you’ve never used Wen before it can be a little weird though. You take a bunch of pumps of product, and massage it into wet hair. I usually message for a minute or so then let it sit as I continue with my other shower tasks. Then just rinse out as normal.

The original Wen scent (Sweet Almond Mint) made my hair feel so silky soft and encouraged the natural curl of my hair. I like that Wen is a one step process and is hydrating. Since I have curly hair, hydration keeps it from frizzing and tends to curl better.

I’m not sure what it is, but the Fig scent just isn’t doing the same thing for me. The smell is NOTHING like figs, and I much prefer the minty scent of the original. My hair feels clean the day I wash it, but after a day or two tends to feel very oily and gross. With the original Wen I found this to happen at first, but after time my hair got used to it. My hair isn’t getting used to this!

I’ll continue to use the bottle, but I think next time I’ll go back to the Sweet Almond Mint scent.


wen fig cleansing conditioner


15 thoughts on “Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner

  1. I tried this product years ago and I hated it so so so much. Of ever beauty product I’ve ever tried, this one was the worst. It smells nothing like figs, unless you put your figs inside a rotting banana. It also destroyed my hair after using it for a week. Typically I just had a dry scalp with oily roots and normal hair. It made my roots even oilier and my normally healthy hair super dry. I ended up chopping off all my hair because I couldn’t do anything with it.

      1. And did it stay with your hair all day too? Like at first I thought “I can just stand it for the shower” but the scent just clung to my hair and I’d smell it every day. It was so awful, like rotting fruit.

      2. Yes! I’ll scratch my head then be like WOAH where did that come from? I still have half a bottle left and I hate to waste things, so I’m just powering through.

  2. That’s the same problem that I had with the Fall Ginger Pumpkin one (oily hair the next day) 😦 I did try their Sweet Almond Mint hair masque though and loved it!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try this product, but I get so nervous. HA! I read so many mixed reviews on it that I just normally pass it up when I see it at the store. I like the idea of a cleansing conditioner since I have curly hair, but some that I’ve tried just haven’t worked out so well.

    1. I’ve had so many people tell me Wen made their hair fall out, and I’ve never had that problem. There must just be something about it that effects everyone differently.

  4. Oh boo! Too bad it didn’t work like the other one. I couldn’t do a single product, it just is in my head that it doesn’t work. I’m old school like that. But I’ve heard great things about Wen

  5. What a shame it didn’t work the same! I recently tried a drugstore cleansing conditioner, and it made my scalp freak out and itch like crazy. I really liked the one from Herbal Essences though!

  6. I tried a small sample bottle of wen once but it did NOT work well with my hair. I have fine oily hair, so I am thinking that is the main reason. Too bad this one wasn’t the same results for you!

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