Reading Lately #2

the catcher in the rye

For 2015 my goal is to read 25 books. I doubt I’ve ever come close to reading that many books in a year, but I’ve also never really tried. Last year I really stepped up my reading game, and I’m hoping the trend continues. I thought I’d share with you lovely people what I’ve been reading. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration?

speakeasy recipe book

The types of books I like to read can really vary. If I read a non-fiction book, I like to read fiction next. Something girly, then something dark. Always keeping it fresh!

Speakeasy by Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric

During Thanksgiving break, my family and I watched a documentary called ‘Hey, Bartender’ on Netflix. The movie focused on two bartenders who worked in very different bars. One of the bars was ‘Employee’s Only’ in NYC (which one Best Bar in the WORLD 2011). This recipe and history book is by the owners of that bar. My lovely sister bought it for me for Christmas! It’s got some great info on the history of cocktail drinking as well as great recipes. It’s my go to cocktail book these days.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Well you don’t really need me to tell you about The Road, considering it won a Pulitzer. Funny story, I read this book because an old boyfriend told me it was his favorite book. Which is actually a weird book to have as your favorite, but who I am to talk. (My favorite is In Cold Blood). The basic idea: There was a crazy fire that burned America to bits. An old man and his son survived, but there is no food left. Most people have become carnivores. They walk until they reach the ocean. The writing style was really different than what I’m used to, but I definitely understand the praise this book got. Will definitely be classic one day (if it isn’t already!).

the road cormac mccarthy

Bubbly on Your Budget by Marjorie Hillis

Another sweet gift from my sister. This adorabley girly little book was actually written in 1937. Each chapter gives tips on how to be a fabulous lady who drinks champagne, buys orchids, and looks like a million bucks, but really has no money. While some of the tips are a bit old fashion now, there were actually some you could easily tailor to 2015. It was a fun read, and made me wish I was a single lady in 1940 who held tea parties and wore skirts everyday.

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

Every once in awhile I like to give a book a re-read, especially if it’s a book I read in high school. Teenage Tess was pretty different that adult Tess, so I like to re-read and since how the book seems to me know. I read The Catcher in the Rye my senior year of high school on a Spring Break trip to Spain. I didn’t really remember it very well so I decided it would be next on the re-read list. While I still liked it, I think this is a better book for teenagers to read. Considering it’s about an angsty 16 year old, it felt harder to relate to than I remembered. Everyone should read it at least once though, so if you haven’t yet…!

Next time I’ve finished a few books I’ll write another post. In the meantime, keep update on my reading by following me on GoodReads!!


7 thoughts on “Reading Lately #2

  1. The Road is such an interesting novel. I read it for uni last year and found it fascinating. Post-apocolyptic narratives can be really interesting. 🙂 I haven’t watched it yet, but there’s also a film adaptation of the novel starring Viggo Mortensen. 🙂

  2. My signif other and one of my friends loved The Road, but it’s too violent for me and not my thing. I belong to a book club and I read a lot on my own. Several months ago, I read a collection of short stories that I adored, The Frangipani Hotel. I strongly recommend it: sort of modern Vietnamese fables & ghost stories from a young writer of Vietnamese-American descent. Loved it. Now, I’m reading Station Eleven, a book about a pandemic that’s getting a lot of buzz.

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