Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Trio

fresh sugar lip trio

Sometimes you just fall in love with a product and you need to have it all the time in every color, shade, packaging, whatever. When I first got the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in the shade Passion, it rarely left my pocket. I then knew I had to have it in every shade. But $22 or a tinted lip balm? I just don’t have the budget for that. Luckily, Fresh was smart enough to come out with sets of different shades in smaller packaging. I don’t really need a full size lip product, so little minis are perfect!

fresh sugar lip treatment

The shades that came in this trio were Cherry and Berry plus the non-tinted option. I’ve read that the clear Sugar Lip Treatment is the #1 lip balm, and I must say, I feel quite fancy having such an expensive formula of something that’s clear.

fresh sugar balms

Compared to a full size tube, these little ones are half the size. It’s like super adorable. The packaging is the same metal tube as the full size which is very sturdy. Throw one of these in your purse and you won’t have to worry about it opening or getting all over your bag.

I actually really like that the stick of product is smaller. There is no risk of getting too much product or it looking messy. The product is very soft, so overapplication is actually quite easy,

fresh sugar lip treatment swatch

Cherry (top) is a bright sunny red shade.

Berry (bottom) is a sheer blackberry shade.

fresh sugar lip trio

I also have a full size of the shade Tulip. Between all of the shades I have I really can’t pick a favorite. They are all beautiful!


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