Glo Minerals Flawless Finish Products

glo minerals flawless finish

Hello Hello! Today I have a review for you of a bunch of Glo Minerals products! We’ve got a primer, a base, a brush and a mist, all part of their ‘Flawless Finish’ system. I was so excited to receive these products for review because I was running out of my current mineral powder! Glo Minerals offers a mineral makeup system uniquely designed for skincare professionals and their clients. All the products are easy to use and perform just as well as your chemical laden products, but actually BENEFIT your skin!

glo minerals primer

Glo Minerals Face Primer

First, we prime. The Glo Minerals face primer works so well under the mineral foundation. It isn’t too heavy that you can feel it on the skin. It smooths onto the skin beautifully to create a smooth canvas for the foundation. I concentrate it on the center of my fave and shin where make up tends to wear off. A little goes a long way too. A tiny pea sized amount covers the whole face. It’s also great for your skin, packed with antioxidents and vitamins!

Glo Mineral Revive Hydration Mist

There is something so wonderful about the feeling of mist on my face. Since my skin is so dry from the winter cold right now, a few spritz of the Glo Minerals Hydration Mist is just what I need. After apply primer I apply just a spritz or two and let dry. I find this helps moisturize that top layer of skin. After applying foundation I mist again to help set the product. I found the mist to be heavy compared to other mists, but that is a fault of the packaging. A light mist would be nicer. There are SO many great ingredients in here that are going to help the skin. It has a light, refreshing scent that doesn’t linger.

glo minerals pressed mineral base

Glo Minerals Ultra Brush

I was so excited to see a brush in the set I received from Glo Minerals because make up brushes are awesome. The brush is very soft so it feels great on the skin. The shape is a simple flat topped kabuki style brush. Glo Minerals says it was exclusively designed for use with the Press Base. The brush works just fine for a very light coverage of the foundation, but I actually prefer something denser. I found it was a little too fluffy to pick up the product without half of it just flying off. I have been going back and forth between this brush and the Real Techniques Buffing brush depending on how much coverage I want.

glo minerals foundation

Glo Minerals Pressed Base

OK. Now for the good stuff, I know this is why you all came here! I’ll start with the shade of the product, because that seems easy. I asked for the shade “Golden Medium”. On their website that was listed as the most popular shade, and I figured I was a pretty average color. Right now, the color match is almost perfect. In the summer it’d be too light, but I can get another one for then!

Now, the finish. Probably the most natural finish too a product I’ve ever seen. No shimmer, not too matte…just the perfect natural look that isn’t flat. I’ve noticed other mineral foundations I have sometimes contain a lot of shimmer that is just too shiny for everyday. The Glo Minerals Pressed Base looks just like skin…but a little better šŸ™‚

The formula is very finely milled. This helps is melt into the skin to look natural and not feel heavy. Sometimes in the middle of the day I’ll sort of forget I even have make up on because my skin can breath so well through the product.

The compact is very thin, perfect for travel or just a crowded make up table. There is a big mirror and room for a thin sponge, but I took that out. I love how sleek the packaging is and how sturdy it is too! I’ve had too many compact break on me.

To apply, I start with the primer and a little mist. I then apply a little liquid concealer under my eyes. Then I just tap the brush in the Pressed Base and apply in circular motions on the face. I start with one cheek, move to the next one, the chin…etc. I work in small patches to build up the product to my desired coverage.

glo minerals flawless finish

For more info on Glo Minerals and to see their other products, check out their website!

ALSO! For all my lovely readers, use code PLASTICBOWS15 for 15% off your entire purchase! Let me know if you try anything out, I’d love to hear what you think!


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