January Favorites 2015

january favorites

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful first month of 2015. It’s absolutely FREEZING here on the East Coast, and we’ve finally had some snow, but I can see Spring in the future. Everything was just DRY this month, and I think you can see that in my January Favorites. I needed moisture moisture moisture, but also a little sparkle because January was my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

butter london black knight

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

After finishing my Jack Black Lip Balm, it was time to start a new tube to keep my lips moisturized. I’ve mentioned how I’m a lip balm addict, and the Smith’s Rosebud Salve fit well into my addiction. It’s light rosey scent isn’t too overwhelming or gross. It keeps my lips moisturized while I sit on the couch trying to warm up under a blanket after walking home from work.

Butter London The Black Knight

It started a few years ago, but I always wear Butter London The Black Knight on my birthday. I love how it’s sparkly but not childish or tacky. It feels festive in an adult way. Sadly my bottle is starting to get a little funky and goopy.

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

While at work, I still needed moisture on my lips but wanted color too. The Revlon Lip Butters are creamy and hydrating with just enough color. Berry Smoothie is one of my favorite shades ever. It’s the perfect berry color that goes with every outfit.

revlon lip butter berry smoothie

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

More moisture. My hands have been DYING. I feel like I’m constantly having to put hand cream on because my hands feel so dry every time I wash them, do the dishes, or even just walk a few blocks outside. The Neutrogena Hand Cream is very thick, but it moisturizes my hands without that slippery, greasy feeling.

Michael Todd True Organics Citrus Cream Moisturizer

Now for my face. Oh boy does it need moisture. I swear I put on lotion, oils, serums, everything, but my the time the morning comes around my skin feels so tight and dry. The Michael Todd Citrus Cream Moisturizer is the only thing that has come close to helping. First off it has a great citrusy scent. It’s a thick cream but sinks into the skin well to hydrate fully.


Hope everyone else had a great month, and it continues into February!

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–Tess Galen


4 thoughts on “January Favorites 2015

  1. Never heard of Michael Todd moisturiser before but sounds nice, the butter london Nail polish looks amaze and hope you had a good birthday


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