Drugstore Spotlight: Nails

drugstore nail polish

I’m almost done showcasing my favorite products or brands from the drugstore. I’ve done eyes, foundations, blushes, and now nails! I used to buy nail polish ALL the time, but I finally got to a point where I felt like I had enough to keep me settled for awhile. Almost all of my nail polishes are drugstore or Julep (thanks to the Maven program!) And the ones that are drugstore, are mainly a few select brands. I think nail polish is a place to definitely save your money and shop at the drugstore. You can get any color you need without spending too much.

revlon nail polish

Revlon makes some really unique nail polishes colors. The one shown on the right is almost exactly the color of my car, and I was so excited to find it! (I really like my car, okay?) I’ve never had a problem with Revlon polishes having a bad formula or chipping quickly. One of their newer collections from the Colorstay line not only has amazing colors, but the formula is spot on. It covers in one coat and stays put. Very shiny too, barely need a top coat!

sally hansen nail polish

Sally Hansen is like the go to girl for nail polish. My whole life Sally Hansen has been my first stop at the drugstore when I have a specific shade in mind. While there are a lot of different formulas, my favorite for sure is the Complete Salon Manicure. The brush is one of those wider, flat brushes which makes nail painting twice as fast. There are a lot of great classic colors in the line which everyone needs in their collection. You could also get buy without a top coat with these.

essie nail polish

I don’t think Essie used to be considered drugstore, but with how expensive nail polish is getting, it fits the criteria now. I’ve had ups and downs with the formula of Essie nail polish, but the last few I’ve picked up have all been ups. And the colors? Could they be any better. Some of my all time favorites are Essie colors, and I can’t live without them. Every collection they come out with has cute names and great colors to match. I also love seeing what new stuff they have out, and what become the newest trendy polish.

best drugstore polishes

What’s your favorite nail polish you got at the drugstore?

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–Tess Galen


10 thoughts on “Drugstore Spotlight: Nails

  1. I’ve been really impressed lately with Sinful Colors. They have a TON of color options. The formula can be hit or miss, but for $1.99, I’m willing to take the gamble!

  2. I really like the Sally Hansen colors as well. ULTA usually has a good sale on OPI colors. I think they’re around $8 and that’s the same as most Essie polishes… in my area anyway.
    I got a gel kit for Christmas though and I am LOVING it!

  3. I’m experiencing a similar feeling with nail polishes shopping as well. I need to stop for a while and start enjoying much more what I Have now. Although your picks are all quite tempting…

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