Blogger Inspiration #3 VlogWithKendra

Image from VlogWithKendra Facebook

Today I want to share with you another blogger that has inspired my blogging and beauty loving ways. I like writing these posts to show readers who I look to for inspiration, and to maybe show you someone new to check out! Plus, it’s always good to spread the love. This week I’m sharing with you Kendra, who is a YouTuber and blogger. I’ve been following her for about two years now. The main reason I consider her an inspiration is that she introduced me to the world of natural beauty products, and I haven’t looked back!


I had already been watching Kendra’s videos for a little while when she mentioned a book she was reading, Look Great, Live Green by Deborah Burnes. I really wasn’t aware that products I put on my skin could actually be damaging it and making it look worse. It made me feel kinda stupid. I quickly purchased the book and gave it a read. AND WOW. The beauty world is actually a messed up place!

I’m so thankful Kendra mentioned this book, otherwise who knows what I’d be putting on my face now!

vlog with kendra
VlogWithKendra Instagram

Through Kendra I’ve discovered a number of amazing new brands that feature products full of healthy, safe ingredients. My skin looks better, I feel better about what I’m using, and I feel better recommending products.

I realized a lot of people were unaware how harmful conventional products could be, and I really wanted to share what I knew with the world. Kendra inspired me to try more natural brands and share what I was learning. I’ve discovered so many awesome products that now I can’t live without!

I also find Kendra inspirational because she’s not like a crazy natural make up user. She still uses some drugstore items and what not because that’s realistic. It’d be so hard, especially as a blogger, to ONLY use things that were 100% completely healthy and natural. The important thing is that she knows what she’s using and is careful.

Last but not least, I was introduced to through Kendra’s videos. I buy tons of stuff from them now which saves me a lot of money, plus it’s easy and shipping is so quick!

vlog with kendra
VlogWithKendra Instagram

Oh and P.S, her hair is AMAZING. And she has a cute dog, so there’s that.




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