Jack Black Mighty Mint Lip Balm Trio

jack black lip balm

Hi my name is Tess and I am a lip balm addict. I don’t mind admitting it, but I’m not sure I want to show you my lip balm collection. (It’s big). Even when my lips are perfectly hydrated, I can’t help putting it on. I just really hate the feeling of dry lips which is probably crazy!! For Christmas, my boyfriend got this amazing trio of Jack Black lip balms and I stole it immediately to take pictures and of course use them. Why did I steal them right away? Because Jack Black balms are the best.

jack black lip balm

The set comes with three full size tubes. Each have mint notes combined with another scent. There’s Mint & Shea Butter, Mint & Mandarin and Mint & Vanilla. None of the scents are too strong or overpowering, or leave a weird taste in your mouth.

Mint & Shea Butter is a light minty flavor that leaves a bit of a tingle on the lips for a few minutes, but soon fades and your left with pure hydration.

The Mint & Mandarin is my favorite, but I’m always partial to citrus scents! It’s fruity, which is a nice change from plain mint.

I think the Mint & Vanilla smells a little like root beer, and is a bit sweet for me. But it’s great if that’s your preference!

jack black lip balm

All Jack Black balms are SPF 25. Most of the time I’m applying I’m not walking right outside, but it’s good to have a lip balm that will cover your bases. People forget to SPF on their lips most of the time, so having it built into an amazing balm saves having to worry.

So now I’ve tried a lot of balms in my day, and I think the Jack Black balms are the definite stand out. My lips stay hydrated for hours after application. I find a lot with lip balms that my lips start to feel just as dry and cracked (or worse) than before application. The Jack Black balms really keep everything nice and smooth.

This trio will probably last me…forever. I keep a balm by the bed, one by the couch, one in my purse…so I’ve always got many on the go, which means it takes awhile to actually finish them.

jack black lip balm

Just writing this post made me NEED to put balm on. The addiction is real, people! For what it’s worth, my boyfriend uses a lot of the Jack Black skincare and he really loves it, so if you need a gift for a man check the brand out! Ok I’ve gotta go put balm on now….bye!


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