5 Things: 24

On my birthday my parents came to visit and my dad had to get a shot.

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. I spent the weekend eating lots of food, drinking lots of good drinks and curling up on the couch with my favorite blanket and boyfriend. It was a cold weekend, so I didn’t have much planned, plus I woke up Sunday morning with a horrible stomachache! Pretty soon after realizing I was now 24 years old, things just felt different. So I’m gunna talk about them now.

1. Why does 24 seem so much older than 23?

The main thing that keeps hitting me is that 24 just seems so much older than 23. Anyone else feel like that? 24 seems like an important age where important things happen, and 23 seems like a kid just out of college with no plans. For what it’s worth, I like being 24 because I like even numbers, and I’m weirdly OCD about numbers.

randstead room
Speakeasy birthdays.


2. ‘Mid-Twenties’

So now I’m technically in my ‘mid-twenties’, maybe that’s why 24 seems so much older? It sounds mature I think. Well, as mature as still being in your twenties can even sound. I guess early twenties sounded like an excuse for doing immature things, but being in your mid twenties and staying out till all hours of the night just seems wrong.

3. What is expected of me now?

What do people expect out of people who are 24? I’ve got things pretty together, but is it enough? I have a serious boyfriend and a part time job that pays enough to pay rent and for food. I personally feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be, but not sure if that’s even right. Should I have a better job? Should I be saving more? Should I not be wearing pajamas all day on Sundays and eating waffles for breakfast more than once a week? I prefer martinis to cheap beer, that seems like a step in the right direction.

zama philly


4. 24 is the new…?

People get married and have kids much later than they used to, so what does being 24 mean? From the company I keep, I get the impression people are getting to those milestones later and later, but I still feel like I don’t know what’s normal. I don’t want to suddenly find out I’m steps behind, or awkwardly steps ahead either.

5. Finally feeling the age I’m supposed to be.

While being 24 seems weird or whatever, I feel like this should be a good year. I’ve always gotten along better with adults, preferred wine and cocktails over beer, liked going to bed early and watching the news. Maybe those things fit better into being 24 than 23.

zama philly
Dessert trios.


Ok that was one long ramble about how I’m one year older and yet feel like totally different and weird. Hope you don’t think I’m weird.


16 thoughts on “5 Things: 24

  1. Happy (late) birthday!
    I turned 26 last Friday, on January 9th. :]
    Don’t stress too much about “where you should be at your age”. Everyone is different and will do things different ways! I’ve worked a full time job since I was 16, was married at 22, and had my first baby at 24. Some people do it sooner and some wait longer. No biggie! As long as you’re comfortable, you’re good. Age doesn’t equal maturity level.

  2. Happy birthday! I think it’s perfectly normal to ponder your life around your birthday. I remember going through something similar when I turned 28. I liked being 27. I got married when I was 27, and I liked that I felt like an official, respectable adult, but not old. 28 for me sounded… old. I also sort of struggled with turning 30 and then again at 35. My hubby and I haven’t been able to have kids, and I think I always thought that by the time I was in my 30s, I would have kids, so I felt like I hadn’t hit a milestone that I always thought I would. Anyway, now I’m a week away from turning 37, and I feel pretty good about life. I think it’s best if you can just enjoy whatever stage of life you find yourself in. I hope 24 is a great year for you šŸ™‚

    1. Aw what a sweet message! I think I always assumed I’d be farther along by 24, but seeing most of my friends not very far along either makes me feel more like I”m in the right place

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