December Favorites 2014

december favorites 2014

The last monthly favorites of 2014!! I’m pretty proud of myself for posting a monthly favorites every month this year! I’m hoping to achieve the same for 2015. In the next few days I’ll be posting a top 14 of 2014 post to sum up all of my favorites of the year and tell you what I really really loved all year long! This month, I’ve got yet another good crop of products some of which I know will make it to the top 14 list…

mac well dressed

Julep Nail Polish in Nic

Winter months means winter nails. Julep Nic is a super dark vampy red. You can really only wear a color like this in the winter I think. It just looks so great with pale skin and a matching vampy lip. I wore this polish with gold leaf on my tips, it looked so beautiful!

MAC Blush in Well Dressed

I have a lot of bright pink and peachy blushes, that just aren’t right for this time of year. MAC Well Dressed is a very light pink with slight sparkle that I think it great for the winter but can still be used year round. Its very light, so it adds just enough color and glow to the cheeks without being over the top. Great for novice blush users too since it’s so light.

NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard

Just the other day I mentioned how much I am loving the NARS Creamy Concealer. It’s such a great multi use product and like really works. I can cover spots, I can brighten under my eyes, I can cover’s amazing. The creamy consistency blends in well and doesn’t look heavy.

origins drink up

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

December means dry skin. Radiator heat means dry skin. I needed something to fix it. The Origins Drink Up Mask is my new life saver. At least once a week I use it overnight, and then sometimes again when I am just sitting around the house. It’s really great for a post drinking cure too…when I’m nursing a hangover on the couch, might as well add a little moisture to the skin too!

Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Eye Treatment

It’s weird because when I first started using this eye cream I wasn’t a big fan. I found it didn’t sink into the skin around my eyes well and made applying make up hard. Now that my skin needs extra moisture, I’m finding it works amazingly. Just a few dabs around the eyes and the skin is plump and ready for make up. I think the skin around my eyes looks super healthy right now, very happy!

december favorites

Well 2014, that’s a wrap. Can’t wait to get my Top 14 post up, it took a lot of widdling down.

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–Tess Galen


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