Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip

fresh tulip

Way back when, I spontaneously purchased the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Passion. We fell in love. I kept planning to purchase one of the packs of the Sugar Lip Treatment’s Fresh comes out with around Christmas, but it was always sold out by the time I got around to it. This year, I decided I’d just buy a full size of the color I’d really been wanting to try; Tulip. I’m so happy I finally decided to purchase a new one, but I’m still going to be waiting to get my hands on the other colors!

fresh tulip

First let’s talk about the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments in general.

Each shade comes in a metal tube similar in shade to the color of the product. The packaging feels luxurious and very sturdy so you can throw it in a purse with no worries.

The product is super creamy, almost too creamy! Don’t let it sit in the sun.

It smoothes onto the lips like butter, and feels so moisturizing and soft. It hydrates the lips like a lip balm, but provides color as well. I love having it for on the go use because it’s so easy to apply.

The scent is lemony fresh scent that I just can’t get enough of. Also, SPF 15!

fresh sugar lip treatment

So again, the shade I got is Tulip. Tulip is hot pink, but goes on much more sheer than a lipstick. I’d never wear the shade if it was a fully pigmented color, but in the sheer form I love it! It’s fun and girly but not in your face.

Since the product is a balmy texture and goes on sheer, it also wears off really nice. You don’t have to worry about your lipstick looking weird after a few hours! I actually find the color lasts really well on my lips and stains just the littlest bit.

fresh sugar lip treatment swatch

You can see here how sheer the color is compared to the tube. I usually apply a few layers so you can really control the opacity of the color!

fresh lip tulip

Too some it up. I LOVE this stuff. Fresh really knew what they were doing here. It’s a beautiful shade and it keeps my lips hydrated and smooth. I need them all!!

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–Tess Galen


11 thoughts on “Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip

  1. OMG – the tulip color looks perfect! I’m going to add that to my want list! Its the kind of color that I’m always reaching for and their products are really great.

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