3 All Natural Face Products

all natural face products

In my quest to use more natural and chemical free products in my beauty routine, I’ve started to experiment with the absolute most natural items I could get my hands on. Raw honey, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar can all be used in a skincare routine, and all are great alternatives to chemical laden products. While the packaging may not be beautiful, and the scents a little harsh, using this purely natural, organic ingredients on the skin will completely change your skins appearance. Also, they are much cheaper than most conventional items. And you can get them at the grocery store. Also you can use them in your food. They’ve got a lot of perks…

coconut oil on face

Coconut Oil

Remove Make Up and Hydrate Skin

I’m sure you’ve heard a million people talk about coconut oil. Hey, I’ve been one of them! You know it’s good for your body, and I’m sure you know it’s good for your skin too. Well, it’s true. Coconut oil breaks up make up like a dream. That pesky mascara rubs off in seconds. I think it’s amazing how something from earth can so easily take of all the layers of foundation, powder, shadow, liner, etc.

After I’m done with the cleansing and what not, I go back in with the oil for a moisturizer. I’ve heard some people say to not use coconut oil on the skin because it’s comedogenic (clogs pores). I haven’t had a problem yet, but I don’t use coconut oil everyday. I tend to use different oils and moisturizers depending on how my skin is feeling. A few months back my skin was acting up A LOT. Red bumps everywhere. I spent a week make up free and used coconut oil every morning and night. My skin looked amazing by the end of the week!

raw honey for face

Raw Honey

Cleanse Skin/Face Mask

Whenever I talk about using raw honey on my face, people get a little freaked out. Understandable! It’s sticky, it’s sweet…doesn’t sound like something for the face. Well, it’s actually pretty cool. I use raw honey to wash my face or as a face mask at least once a week when I take a bath, and more often if my skin is acting up. I dampen my face, take a scoop of the honey, and just rub it around, like a normal cleanser. I will sometime then leave the honey on my face as a mask for 5-10 minutes. Since it’s sticky, I like to wash it off in the shower. Washing it off in the bath is nice too because it adds honey to the bath! (Like Egyptians did!)

As you can sort of see on the label in the picture, raw honey is packed with goodness. (It’s important to get raw honey, not the stuff that come in a bear). There are tons of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that skin LOVES. Raw honey is naturally antimicrobial which fights acne, and prevents it. I also find it reduces any acne scarring. It takes some getting used to, but I highly suggest trying it out. Best part? You can also put it in your tea for even more benefits! I use a scoop in my tea every morning and I swear my breakouts have gotten less severe.

apple cider vinegar on face


Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is my new holy grail item. It solves so many problems, it’s a miracle worker! For my face, I use it as a toner. I showed it here in my little squeeze bottle because it is very important to dilute it with water. For my first attempt, I did 1/4 ACV and 1/2 water. Depending on your skin you can change the ratio. ACV is very strong, and you can risk irritating the skin on your face if it’s too strong. I mixed some in this bottle, and just squeeze it onto a cotton pad every night.

Like the honey, it’s important to get raw, organic, unfiltered ACV. It’ll be cloudy looking. This kind has all the awesome benefits still inside. The enzymes mildly exfoliate the skin, making skin look fresher, and helping to reduce scarring. The mild tingle makes my pores feel extra clear of all the gunk that has built up during the day.

All three of these items are easy to find, especially on Vitacost.com. And they are super affordable compared to all those fancy pots and jars you find at Sephora!

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–Tess Galen


9 thoughts on “3 All Natural Face Products

  1. I love using all of these except for coconut oil, since I can’t stand the smell! I loooove drinking ACV and honey, too! It’s supposedly good for you but idk about that haha.

  2. I love using honey in my skin routine as well. Adding oatmeal or lemon to honey is also fantastic for your skin! And by adding sugar you can use it to exfoliate as well 🙂


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