Roiel Cosmetics Marula Oil

roiel marula oil

Between the cold air outside, and the warm dry radiator air in my apartment, my skin is in need of a drink. (And so am I ;D). I tend to have dry skin all year round, but come winter is always gets especially worse, from my head to my toes, I’m dry as a bone. Luckily, in the past year I discovered the world of oils (full oils post to come) and it has really helped solve not only my dry skin, but other beauty dilemmas!marula oil

The past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with an oil previously unknown to me, Marula Oil. The one I’m using is from Roiel Cosmetics! First off, the packaging of this product is on par. The black and white is contemporary yet classic. The cute font with the African inspired pattern make the bottle pop. My bottle also came in a great black and white bag with a little South African pin!

roiel marula oil

Marula oil comes from the Marula tree which is indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa. It is related to mango, cashew and pistachio trees (all other great ingredients!). The oil has been used for thousands of years due to its healing properties.

The oil penetrates quickly and is full of anti-oxidants (more than Argan oil!). It’s also packed with Omega 9 fatty acid. This means it fights free radicals (stay younger looking longer!) and penetrates the poor for a quick absorbing, non greasy feel.

roiel cosmetics

I use this  Marula Oil at night as part of an overnight treatment. Even though it does absorb fast, I don’t like to put oil on under make up. This time of year, my skin is so dry, it really helps to keep my skin hydrated and flake free. After toning, I apply a light moisturizer from Michael Todd Organics. After washing my face, I tend to go watch TV or read. After an hour I’ll notice my skin isn’t feel so hydrated, so I add a few drops of Marula Oil on top. Give it 10-15 mins to absorb and I’m off to bed!

The next morning, my skin is looking plump and healthy. If I have any red spots the night before, they usually appear less obvious the next day. I think many of the benefits of Marula Oil won’t be obvious overnight. With the antioxidants that are packed in there, I can only hope in 10 years time my skin will not be showing signs of aging. For now, I like how it makes my skin feel!

marula oil

What kind of oils do you like to use?

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–Tess Galen


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