Another Vitacost Haul

vitacost haul

I’ve been meaning to get my October favorites up for days, but I keep getting home too late to take pictures (stupid Daylight Savings Time)! So instead, I’ll share with you my recent purchase from I know, AGAIN. I just ordered in September, but I was actually in need of a few things. Plus, thought I deserved a few goodies.

andalou naturals willow bark toner

The thing I needed the most was toothpaste. EXCITING. After 23 years of life and who knows how many Colgate tubes, it was time to try something new. I read a few reviews on Vitacost and decided on this one from Desert Essence. The wintergreen scent is refreshing as always, but has a slight bitter aftertaste. I feel like I have to brush my teeth more often, but at least it has better ingredients than others.

I’ve recently become quite the toner lover. I think when you find the right one it can do a lot for your skin. I had been loving the Andalou Naturals Vitamin C Toner, but sadly ran out. Before ordering a new one I experimented with Apple Cider Vinegar, which I’ll talk more about soon. Since I was ordering from Vitacost, I finally picked up the Pore Minimizer Toner. And I’m already in love. It really cleans out my pores and refreshes the face. I actually see a difference in my pores.

dr. bronners peppermint

I have a bathtub that actually gets enough hot water to be filled up. That means bath time. After years of being on my wish list, I picked up the Deep Steep Bubble Bath in the Lavender and Chamomile scent. All the scents sound great, but lavender is an all time favorite for me. It creates some lovely bubbles and helps me relax with the soothing scent. Can’t wait to try others!

If you’ve ever used Dr. Bronner’s, then this needs no explanation.  Dr. Bronner’s castile soap just gets the job done in a good smelling, healthy way. The peppermint scent reminds me of my childhood because my dad always used it. The rose scent is quite good too. I bought a big bottle because I have a few uses for it. Some goes by the kitchen sink as hand soap, and for use with make up brushes. The rest goes in the bathroom as my back up body wash!

vitacost haul

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–Tess Galen


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