Primer Round Up

tarte poreless primer

I can definitely say I’m not a huge fan of primers. I think they tend to feel heavy on my skin, and just seem like an unnecessary extra step in my make up routine. I do however like my make up to last all day, and I have large pores I like to hide. Alas, I have experimented in the world of primers, and have found 3 that seem to do the job the way I want them too. Each has it’s own purpose in my make up routine, but I’d say all get an equal amount of love!

dhc velvet skin coat

DHC Skincare Velvet Skin Coat- This primer is my go to on an everyday basis. I don’t wear make up everyday, but if I do, I am most likely putting it on in the morning, so I want it to last all day. This lovely primer from DHC keeps my skin matte and helps fill in pores for smooth make up application. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin so I can wear it all day long comfortably.

CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone – From CoTZ I have a tinted primer. Actually, this isn’t actually a primer, but it feels like one. It has that light, slightly siliconey feel, but with a bit of color. I loved this all summer to wear by the pool, but it also great for the gym or errands. The color gives just a bit of coverage, and an overall perfected finish. With an SPF of 40, this is also my go to for any sunny day!

Tarte Clean Slate Poreless  For long wearing purposes, I go for this Tarte Primer. It has the heaviest feel of all three, but keeps my make up looking perfect longer. The silicone helps fill the pores on my cheeks, but still feels smooth, not sticky. Because it is a bit heavier, I let it sink in and dry for a few minutes before foundation application. Bonus points for adorable packaging!

cotz natural face

What’s your favorite primer?

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–Tess Galen


2 thoughts on “Primer Round Up

  1. I feel the same about primers, I find them pretty unnecessary too. If I had to choose one I quite like the clinique range of primers for all different purposes. Check out my blog and follow if you like, I’m a professional make-up artist who does product reviews and posts 🙂 Leanne xo

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