Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

burts bees orange cleanser

Somehow I finished 2 cleansers within days of each other, and found myself in a scramble to find something new, and quick. I have plenty of cleansers I want to try, but I had to order them all online, so I needed something I could get where I live. On a trip to Target I noticed a well stocked Burt’s Bees section, and spotted this Orange Essence cleanser. I love Burt’s Bess products, and I love orange. After a quick look at the ingredients, I knew it was coming home with me.

burts bees orange essence facial cleanser

My previous cleanser was the Honey & Oat cleanser form Michael Todd. It had the most lovely citrusy scent, I couldn’t get enough. The scent of this cleanser is very similar. It smells like fresh oranges, not too sweet though.

The cleanser is thick, and honestly sort of looks like marmalade. The thick texture means it doesn’t just fall of the face. It sticks around for a good round of massaging into the skin.

The first think I noticed using this Orange Essence cleanser was that it didn’t lather. No lather, means less drying. Usually after I wash my face, my skin feels so dry and tight. This cleanser is packed with oils so it keeps my skin feeling hydrated, which will be perfect for the coming months.

There is the slightest bit of grit to the cleanser as well. It’s just enough to help massage the skin and refresh it, but I still go in with a real exfoliator once or twice a week.

burts bees cleanser

The ingredients here are what make it worth purchasing. The main ingredient, sweet orange oil smells awesome and helps brighten the skin. The cleanser is also packed with olive oil (hello moisture!) oat oil, aloe, vitamin e, rosemary oil…just a ton of ingredients that are super great for skin.

The cleanser is 100% plant based, no harsh chemicals here! The natural ingredients really work to remove dirt and make up, cleanse the skin, and keep it hydrated and radiant.

For such a cheaper price ($8!) I think the Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser will always be my go to cleanser when I’m in a bind and need something quick.

orange cleanser burts bees

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–Tess Galen


13 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

  1. It sounds like a really great product, and I enjoy orange scented cleansers myself 🙂 Burt’s Bees also makes a Citrus Facial Scrub (comes in a jar) that exfoliates without really lathering either so if you are prone to dry skin (like me) but still want to exfoliate, it’s a nice product too. Link, in case you are interested (not a referral link): http://www.abesmarket.com/natural-products/natural-beauty-products/face-care/natural-face-scrub/burt-s-bees-facial-care-citrus-facial-scrub-2-oz.html

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