Worth It #1

products worth the hype

With so many high end products, and little money to spend, it’s hard to figure out what products are actually going to be worth the luxury price tag. I really don’t buy a lot of expensive make up and skin care, but I’ve got a bit of a stash laying around. I decided to create this new series to show you all some of the high end products in my stash, that I think are totally worth the price tag!

fresh sugar passion

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, $22.50

Can you tell I’m loving this? The words are all worn off! For a simple tinted lip balm, $22.50 is a lot, but oh is it worth it. There are two main reasons why I think these lip balms are worth it. The first is how moisturizing they are. It’s always great when you can get moisture and color in one easy product. The second reason is the colors! Here I have the shade Passion which is a vibrant raspberry shade, but all the colors are so beautiful, and I think pretty unique. Around Christmas Fresh usually come out with a set with every shade in mini form, which is a GREAT deal!

laura mercier mineral powder

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation, $39

This is the only high end foundation I own. I used to have the tinted moisturizer as well, but finished it up last year. I find it really hard to find the perfect foundation so I never want to spend the money on expensive ones. I finally decided to try out the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder after hearing great review, and I never looked back. The coverage is medium, and makes the skin look so natural with a slight glow. Mineral powder is so great for the skin and always looks so fabulous. Buying a more expensive mineral powder is worth it because you’re paying for the ingredients. A drugstore version would be packed with fillers and preservatives.

ren gycol lactic mask

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, $55

When it comes to skincare, masks are my favorite, and I think splurging a little on one is a great idea. This REN mask is packed with awesome ingredients for the skin, so you’re really getting your money’s worth. At first I thought $55 seemed like entirely too much for the size of the bottle. After using it a ton, I can tell it’s going to last a really long time. It’s also great having a fancy mask around for the super relaxing spa days at home. It always feels better when it costs more, right?

naked 2 palette

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, $54

Everyone and their mother has a Naked Palette. (My mom just got her first one on Wednesday). If by some chance you don’t have any of the now FIVE Naked options from Urban Decay, maybe I can convince you. I love the Naked 2, but any of the three main ones would be the perfect staple in someones make up collection. You can get a million different looks from one trusty palette. You’ve got your shimmers, your mattes, your lights, your darks. It’s perfect! I hope to get the Naked 3 soon…(I mentioned to my mom how much I wanted it, so let’s see if she got the hint?) Urban Decay shadows are my all time favorite. They are soft and creamy and blend super well!

products worth the money

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–Tess Galen


12 thoughts on “Worth It #1

  1. OMG I had to double check the lip treatment. I was like $22.50 for a BALM! So I think from now on I should read before I look at pictures instead of doing the opposite LOL. As for the Urban Decay palette. I want one, but not all three and I’m worried because each seems to suit different skin tones best. Would you say you are more fair or more medium? I am leaning towards the 2 but feel I need that extra confirmation LOL.

    1. I’d say I pretty medium skin, but I think a lot of it is preference as well. I personally think the Naked 3 would be perfect for my skin tone, but I also happen to prefer pinky toned shadows. Definitely go to a Sephora or Ulta and swatch the different shades to make sure you like how they look on your skin!

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