Vitacost Haul

vitacost haul

I’ve been waiting so long to make another Vitacost order, but I wanted to wait till I moved and got a little settled. Vitacost is my favorite source for finding new natural products for beauty and for home. The selection is so vast, the prices are cheap, and the shipping is SO quick. My wish list on Vitacost is at least 30 products long, but I didn’t let myself get out of hand. For this haul I got a few things that I ran out of, and a few new things to try out.

honey for face

Bigelow Organic Green Tea- Not the fanciest of purchases, but this is actually my favorite green tea. I do most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s so I can’t get it there. Vitacost was selling it for a little cheaper so I figured I should pick up a box. The tea has such a light flavor and never tastes bitter

Y.S Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey- You’d think I bought honey to put in my tea, but I’m actually not a huge fan of honey in my tea. Instead, I bought honey for my face. Yup, muh face. I’ve been researching using raw honey to wash my face. Mix a little honey with a splash of water, and it’s an all natural cleanser that moisturizes and heals acne with antibacterial properties.

mrs. meyers lavender candle

Better Life Dish It Out Natural Dish Soap- I saw the company Better Life on Shark Tank a few months ago, and new I had to try some of their products soon! I’m running out of the Method dish soap I’ve been using for years, and figured now is a good time to try something new. It’s unscented too which I prefer since most soap smells…soapy…

Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle in Lavender- My favorite all time candle. Oh the smell of lavender…it’s just perfect. I think I buy a Mrs. Meyers candle in every Vitacost purchase. The scents are all prefect, and I don’t feel as bad about breathing the scent in as compared to other candles.

giovanni make up remover

Kiss My Face Deodorant Liquid Rock Roll-On- I’m finally getting close to the end of my last non-natural deodorant. I feel like it’s taking forever. I’ve tried rock deodorant before, but you have to get it wet first which is annoying. This version is roll on which seems much easier. I hope it works…I’ll keep you posted.

Giovanni Facial Cleansing Towelettes- I used to love the Simple Cleansing Wipes, but decided they were drying my skin out, and create too much waste. One of my favorite YouTubers, Kendra Atkins, has mentioned these Giovanni wipes are her favorite make up removing wipe. I decided to pick up a pack because they are so convenient for travel or late nights. I don’t want to use them too often, but they are good to have around.

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover– I’m definitely interested to see how well this works. I’ve pretty much always used CVS brand nail polish remover, and always from the biggest container possible. This nail polish remover from Honeybee Gardens is acetone free and ‘botanically enriched’. Whatever that means.

If you’ve never bought anything from Vitacost. I HIGHLY suggest it. Use THIS code for $10 off your order of $30!!

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–Tess Galen


3 thoughts on “Vitacost Haul

  1. Great haul! I’ve never ordered from Vitacost, but I did just make a purchase through Abe’s Market (which seems to be similar) and don’t get me wrong… I’m very excited about my order… but I’m kicking myself because your $10 off $30 coupon is such a great steal! You should def review the polish remover though. I purchased the Keeki Natural Nail Polish Remover and will be sure to review that one shortly too! Loved the post! Hope you’re enjoying the new place 🙂

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