Red Apple Lipstick

red apple audrey, sweet pea

In my attempts toward a more natural beauty collection, I have been having trouble in the make up department. I don’t like buying make up online because I like to see the color and feel the texture, but there are not a lot of natural cosmetic companies available in stores. I’ve recently found some new green beauty YouTubers, which has really opened my eyes to what natural cosmetics are available, and are actually good. Everyone started talking about a company called ‘Red Apple Lipstick’. After seeing some swatches online, I decided it was worth the risk of not seeing in person…because they all looked beautiful!

red apple lipstick audrey

Red Apple Lipstick is a company based out of Houston, TX. They started off making lipsticks, but have since branched out to eye products as well! The lipsticks are gluten free, toxin free, allergy free, made in the USA…all those buzz terms you want to see on your beauty products.

When it comes to lipstick…where does it go after it wears off your lips? Your stomach. You eat it. At least some of it. So don’t you want it to be made of the best ingredients that are good for you and your skin?

Red Apple Lipsticks are packed with nourishing ingredients to keep your lips looking smooth and come in a huge variety of colors to keep you lips looking beautiful!

red apple lipstick sweet pea

I picked two colors to try from their wide range of lipstick colors.

First we have Audrey, which I picked because every review I read mentioned it as a favorite. Audrey is a pinky neutral shade, perfect for everyday wear. The formula on this is amazing. Audrey is super creamy and glossy feeling on the lips. It’s not super pigmented, but just enough for an easy everyday look. I pretty much don’t need another lipstick ever again…this one is just so perfect.

The second color I got was Sweet Pea. This shade is a bright coral-pink shade. In my never ending search for the perfect coral, I think I’ve made it one step closer. While the shade is bright, it isn’t overpowering, and can still be worn with a number of looks. The formula is a bit different. While still super creamy and moisturizing, it is more opaque than Audrey is.

red apple audrey

In these swatches you can see Audrey is a bit less pigmented than Sweet Pea is. I love both colors equally, and pretty much don’t need to wear any other lip product now that I have these two!

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–Tess Galen

These items were sent to me for review by Red Apple Lipstick. All opinions are my own.


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