CoTZ Face and Lip Balm

cotz mineral sunscreen

I finally used my Birchbox points. And boy did I get a good deal.

Here I have the CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 and the CoTZ Lip Balm. Together they should equal $27 but I got them for $10!! 100 Birchbox points took the sunscreen from $20 to $10, and for a limited time you get the lip balm free with a $10 CoTZ order on Now I’ll call this some smart shopping. The best part? I really love the products!

cotz natural face spf 40

cotz spf natural

I received a little sample of the CoTZ Natural Skin Tone in a Birchbox a few months ago. I decided to test the sample out and quickly knew I’d need to buy a full size.

On the box, CoTZ says “Silky soft, blends translucent, sheer matte finish”. Truer words have never been spoken. The product is slightly tinted but blends translucent. The slight tint covers a bit of redness and evens out skin tone. The siliconey feel of the product keeps skin matte, and fills pores for a perfected look to the skin.

With skin perfecting qualities and SPF 40, this is kind of a miracle product. My only complaint is that I need a moisurizer underneath to keep my skin hydrated.

I like to throw this product on when I’m going to the gym, or just running out for a few quick errands and don’t want to deal with make up!

CoTZ product use physical protectors for SPF instead of chemical, so they are a healthier choice for skincare.

cotz lip balm cotz lip balm

I don’t want to tell you how many lip balms I’m currently using (5) and how many I have in my stash as back up (6). Can we just all agree I have a bit of a lip balm addiction?

I definitely didn’t need to buy a new one, but since this CoTZ lip balm came free with my order, how could I say no? Also, I only have a few lip balms with SPF and this one has SPF 45! That’s so high!

I don’t think lip balms can get too fancy, but I know this is going to become an all time favorite for me. The CoTZ balm has the exact feel I like a balm to have. Super silky and light on the lips. It feels like BUTTER! Also the fruity scent ain’t too bad either.

The balm looks tinted in the tube, but I find it goes on clear on the lip. Sometimes white balms are too thick and live a residue on the lip, but I haven’t noticed anything like that.

cotz spf review

I want to try the other CoTZ SPF products…I’m sure they must be as amazing as these two!

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–Tess Galen


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