5 Things: Moving

I really loved this bedroom, except for the creaky windows!

1. Looking at apartments is the worst.

I pretty much hate looking for a new apartment. It’s cool to see the various types of apartment available throughout the city I live in, but it’s also really frustrating. This one has carpet, this one doesn’t. This one has big closets, but this one has a dishwasher! There are so many factors to consider and I find it SO frustrating. It’s also hard making appointments, and I’m afraid a place we like will get taken before we have the chance….ok I’m just going to stop now. Moral of the story: I’m stressed.

2. Having to get rid of things.

The apartment I live in now is pretty big for a city, and for two people. Because of this, my boyfriend and I have managed to accumulate way more than we really need, but the fact is, I like stuff. Most likely, our next apartment will be a lot smaller because we are moving out of our cheap, college-adjacent apartment. Smaller apartment means we will have to get rid of stuff. This sort of sucks. My current kitchen table is the kitchen table I grew up with, my bookshelves are from my sister’s childhood bedroom. Having them gives me a sense of home and I really don’t want to have to get rid of them. But they are big and bulky and probably won’t fit in my future. How do you sell a table that’s been around since you were 6 months old?!
3. Wanting to get rid of things.

While getting rid of some stuff will suck, it isn’t all bad. I am hoping to give my closet a really good clean out, and even my beauty stash too before I move. I really don’t need all the stuff I have, and I think it will feel good to cleanse my collection. Then there are a few pieces of bulky furniture my boyfriend brought into our lives, and I’ll happily give those a new home! It will feel good to live a life where I actually use everything I own, but it might take a little effort.

Where the magic happens, make up wise!

4. Time constraints and difficulties.

So we have to be out of our apartment by 8/31. Most leases don’t start till 9/1. So uhm, where am I supposed to go with my lifes belongings for 12+ hours?? A few apartments we have looked at said we could move in a few days earlier which would be a major lifesaver, but it isn’t guaranteed. We have 3 weeks to find an apartment, so I’m pretty much just going to take the first one that seems like it will work for us. In the past I’ve signed leases months in advance, and now I’m doing it with just weeks to spare?! UGH.
5. New start.

Frustrating or not, I am looking forward to moving. I have lived in my neighborhood for 5 years. It gives me a lot of anxiety to think about living somewhere new, but it needs to happen at some point. I think a new start in a new apartment in a new part of the city will be worth it in the long run. We will get some new furniture probably, maybe some new decorations. (Most of my current decorations we purchased by hipster 19 year old me). New stuff will be nice. A new shower curtain, a new make up desk, some new sheets. Little things, but they will feel good. Once I get them assembled from Ikea…

My favorite part of this apartment, this old fireplace!

Thanks for letting me ramble about my life. It felt good.
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–Tess Galen


4 thoughts on “5 Things: Moving

  1. I totally sympathize! I recently moved and it was so stressful. My moods were all over the place and my face broke out worse than ever. There are so many decisions and small tasks that pop up unexpectedly when you’re changing your living situation. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you!

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