July Favorites 2014

july favorites

Hi my name is Tess and I always get my favorites posts up like 5 days after the month starts. WHATEVER. I always end up changing my mind last minute, so I don’t like doing them too far in advance. I’ve gotta get through the whole month to really know what I love!! I think This month’s crop of products is awesome. I really used all of these products A LOT this month. Like, A LOT.

boots scar care serum

Alba Botanica Good & Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel

I’ve mentioned this buddy a few times now. (Full review here, a little more here). I’m a huge mask fan…I think they can do so much for skin! On a whim I picked up this Alba mask early in the month, and have used it multiple times a week since. It’s easy to use and gives the skin a wonderful tingle to let you know it’s working. When I use it consistently, I can tell my pores are getting cleared out!

The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream

If you saw my empties, you’ll know I finished my body wash. While I hope to repurchase the one I finished, I’m pretty happy with my current The Body Shop option. I’ve loved every TBS shower gel I’ve used, and the Coconut scent is no different! It is a very warm coconut scent, like a hint of brown sugar or something. Oh I just want to smell it forever…

Boots Expert Scar Care Serum

In my first ever favorites, I mentioned this here product. I’ve used this scar care product on and off over the years, but this past month it has gotten A LOT of use. I burnt my neck with my curling iron (go me!) and have what looks like a hickey on my neck now. I’ve been applying the scar serum twice a day since, and it’s helped the scar to fade.

maybelline the rocket mascara

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

It’s taken me awhile to decide how I felt about this mascara. I’ve been using it for maybe 2 months now, but only just decided to talk about it. Mascara is hard. I’ve never found the perfect one. While I don’t think this is perfect, I do think it’s pretty good. It makes my lashes look thick and lasts all day. It can be a bit goopy, and doesn’t hold a curl too well, but it’s better than some others I’ve used.

Ginger + Liz Nail Polish in Reality Check

Pink nails = summer. I had this nail polish on my toes all month, and loved every second of it. The color Reality check is pink, with this perfect tinge of orange to make it a little more unique. I love plain cream colors on my toes, but in the summer they need to be BRIGHT! I hate when my toes aren’t painted which is funny because they almost never get seen by anyone other than me and my boyfriend!

maybelline color whisper pin up peach
Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach

This is probably my favorite of all the favorites. It’s not secret I love the Maybelline Color Whispers, I have 3. And I want them all, but I don’t have room in my storage. Pink Up Peach is a light peachy pinky shade. I love how it gives the lips just enough color without being too over the top. I had this shade in my purse all month, and just kept using it! The formula feels nice and light on the lips. With a tan, this color is just perfection.

What were some of your favorites this month?

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–Tess Galen


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