Monday Manicure August 4th

julep manicure


If you’ve seen my past few Monday Manicure posts, I’m super obsessed with the accent nail, and the obsession is not going anywhere. I had this glittery polish I wanted to use, and thought a ‘skittle’ manicure with some fun colors would look adorbs. So I did it, and it looks adorbs. I love using more than one color in my manicures, partly because it gives me a chance to use more of my nail polish. I think this weeks manicure just screams summer, I’m loving it.

zoya shelby swatch

Zoya Shelby is one of my all time favorites. Oh just look at it, it’s so cute. This pink is just the perfect shade, not too bright, not too pale, not too orange, not too blue….It’s on my toes right now too. Zoya polishes are really great and not too expensive. I think they are like $9? And they come in EVERY SHADE. They are free of those nasty nail polish ingredients, and the formulas work well.

julep daisy swatch

Julep Daisy is your classic yellow. It has a slight jelly like quality too it, so it needs a lot of coats but looks so good. I hate how this color looks when its on all of my nails, but I think it works fine here when I just have it on a few. Julep nail polishes are hit and miss for me, but they do have great color options.

The sparkley nails are a combo of a few old nail polishes I had. I had some pink glitter, some rainbow glitter, and a thin white I added together to make a personalized polish.

tess galen

Have a good week!

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–Tess Galen


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