Fruit Acid Masks

fruit enzyme masks

I love a good mask. I think they are a vitally important part of my weekly skincare routine. Partly because they can work wonders, and partly because it forces me to relax while I have it on. Today I want to talk about my favorite kind of mask…ones packed with fruit acids to exfoliate and soften the skin, providing a more radiant appearance to the skin. I have some what sensitive skin, but find it can usually handle a lot in the mask department. I have more issues with physical exfolients. Let me show you my favorite three!

michael todd avocado and mango

Michael Todd True Organics Avocado and Mango Hydrating Facial Mask

As you can see on the bottle, this mask is supposed to ‘restore skin’s youthful appearance’. The mask is an orange color and smells like mangoes, yum! I apply about one pump to my skin and let it sit for 15 or so minutes. Depending on the state of my skin, it will tingle a little, but not always. The acids and enzymes in the mango help restore skin while the avocado helps moisturize. This is perfect for my dry skin because it gets rid of flakes and hydrates the new layer of skin.

ren glycol lactic mask

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

I’m pretty sure this is my most expensive beauty item, and I love it. This REN mask can work wonders. I usually use it one every other week (I’d use it more but it’s expensive!!). After using and sleeping, I find my skin looks radiant and hydrated instead of dull and tired. I try to use a small pump, a little goes a long way. The consistency is like marmalade, and is a bit hard to wash off so I usually use a washcloth. Glycolic acid does a lot of the work here, along with other acids and enzymes to promote healthy skin!

alba pore purifying mask

Alba Botanic Good and Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel

The cheapest of the bunch, and it still works. This mask is called a ‘peel’ but it doesn’t dry on the skin so you can’t peel it off. It is a very thin gel texture, that smells like gin kind of…This mask burns the most out of the three, so I only keep it on for a few minutes. It is still gentle enough to use a few times a week. When I notice my pores looking clogged I’ll use the mask every other day and I can see the gunk slowly make its way out. The alpha hydroxy acids work to get rid of toxins and renew the skin.

Whats your favorite mask to use?

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Love always,

Tess Galen


10 thoughts on “Fruit Acid Masks

  1. I like the Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Scrub (it smells wonderfully) but I have to only use it in the shower, since it seems to almost stick to the skin and is a bit of a pain to get off otherwise. I’m not too experienced with masks yet, but I got a free sample of the Fresh Rose Face Mask and I was in LOVE. Too bad it’s $60. :/

  2. Thanks for the Ren review. I have been wanting to try their products for a while. Going to pick this up this weekend!

  3. I’ve been using Murad’s Intensive-C Radiance Peel, which tingles and cools like CRAZY. I’m trying it for a few more weeks to see if there are really any skin-brightening results, but it is pleasant to use!

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