Blogger Inspiration #1: Joy the Baker and Shutterbean

joy the baker tracy shutterbean

Tracy Benjamin and Joy Wilson (AKA Shutterbean and Joy the Baker) are my best friends. We’ve never spoken, we’ve never met, but they are always there in the car with me, and cooking by my side in the kitchen.

Both of these ladies are amazing bloggers that were a major inspiration to me when thinking about starting a blog. They are both cooking/baking bloggers, but they still have provided me with so many tips, tricks, laughs and ideas, that I can still relate to them despite my blog being beauty related.

After a year and a half of blogging, I wanted to start to share some of my blogger loves with all of you. Hopefully throughout this series you’ll find a new blog to fall in love with!

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Joy Wilson AKA Joy the Baker

I think in my dream family, Joy the Baker would be my awesome aunt. She’d make me fancy jello shots and donuts on the weekends, then we’d go shopping and she’d show me around New Orleans.

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Tracy Benjamin AKA Shutterbean 

In my dream blog family Tracy would definitely be my mother. Because honestly I’d love to live in that house of hers and be able to eat Lemon Chicken every night for dinner. But she’d be a cool mom because we’d drink gin together. A lot.


My real love for Joy and Tracy comes down to the ‘Joy the Baker’ podcast which can be found on and iTunes. They talk about all sorts of things, trying to focus on internet and food topics, but a lot of randomness happens. I’ve been listening to it since day one, and I’ve loved every second of it. I love listening to the podcast while driving or cooking. Something about these two lovely ladies talking makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my best friends going for a drive or cooking dinner. I’ve never met them, and probably never will, but I seriously feel like I know them SO well, like they are actually my friends.

Listen to this great episode they did about blogging last month, lots of great tips!


9 thoughts on “Blogger Inspiration #1: Joy the Baker and Shutterbean

  1. Hey. :o) I’m getting ready to tag you in a drugstore tag post. I was worried when I was tagged to do this post, as I’m not super familiar with drugstore brands. I think this is a neat post though because we all have drugstore gems to share. If you’re interested, I’d love to hear what you’ve found. If not, no worries! Thanks!

  2. Oh I love these ladies so much. I’ve been following their blogs for years. And when I listen to their podcasts, I feel like I’m in the room with them (and sometimes I even talk out loud to them as if they can hear me!). Great post! XO

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