Monday Manicure July 28th

revlon nail polish maniure

Oh gosh, I shouldn’t be painting my nails. I should be reading.

Grad school involves a whole lot of reading, in case you were wondering. I honestly feel like I can never catch up! Luckily, painting my nails doesn’t take too long, so I can slip in a manicure in between chapters. I’m continuing my summer trend of bright nail polishes this week. With most days getting entirely too close to 90 degrees, I can’t imagine wearing any put the brightest, most summer colors. This week I chose two Revlon colors!

revlon nail polish

I’ve been wanting to wear these two colors together for weeks, and I’m not really sure why. They are both two of my favorite bright colors, and I just loved how they looked together in my nail polish drawer. Both colors are from Revlon but different lines. They both go on so well and are super opaque and creamy. Just perfect!

revlon coastal surg

Revlon ‘Coastal Surf’ is from the Colorstay range. These nail polishes are SO opaque, you could easily get away with just one coat. They are also super shiny. If you like to do your nails but can’t be bothered with multiple coats and top coats, I suggest checking out this line. Without a top coat, they are the shiniest nail polishes!

revlon posh

Revlon ‘Posh’ is from the…regular, normal Revlon line. This green shade is the definition of green. Not dark, not light, not neon…just plain old green. I’m not a huge fan of green nail polish, but this one I really love wearing. Maybe it’s because green was one of my school colors in high school and it makes me feel festive?

manicure revlon

I had such a great weekend, full of food, movies, more food, my WHOLE family for the first time in forever….more food. It was wonderful. Now I’m off to finish mid terms!

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5 thoughts on “Monday Manicure July 28th

  1. I love the trend of painting two fingers a different color than the other three. It doesn’t really take much more effort than painting your nails all the same color, but it lets you be a little more creative and try out some fun color combinations. I love your blue/green combo!

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