Monday Manicure July 21st

nailtini millionare

Just a quick post this afternoon to show ya’ll what is on my nails! I got this crazy glitter nail polish by Nailtini awhile back in a subscription box. I noticed it in my drawer and decided I needed to start giving some of my glitter nail polishes a little love! I love wearing sparkley nails in the summer because the light reflects off them and it just looks so pretty! I also love doing two accents nails like this, the pinky and ring finger. I’ve been doing it a lot lately, I dunno, I just love it!

nailtini millionare

This Nailtini nail polish is called ‘Millionaire’. It is super super glittery. There is mostly gold bar glitter, some teal bar glitter, and some gold tiny glitter in the base to make it super sparkley. One coat of this would go on fine, but I wanted a full saturation of glitter so I did two coats. It is a little hard to work with, but I think it turned out fine.

nailtini millionare

The light teal nail polish brings out the teal bar glitter. It is some random nail polish from Urban Outfitters, it doesn’t have a name, sorry!

Hope you’re liking my nails this week, because I sure am!

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