New Years Resolution Update


I meant to do this post earlier in July, then I forgot, and now I remembered. July means we’re half way through the year, and I though a little New Years Resolution Update would be a good idea. Since I posted my New Year’s resolutions, it has made me feel more like I had to keep up with them. Now I want to re look at them and maybe make some updates!

Original Resolution:

Reach 500 followers on my blog

I reached 500 followers on May 22nd!! I am amazed I hit that goal so quickly, I’m already almost at 650! I hope I don’t regret this, but I’m going to make my new goal…

New Resolution:

Reach 1,000 WordPress followers by 1/1/15!


Original Resolution:

Start a Youtube Channel!?

I did create a YouTube channel, but have yet to upload anything.

New Resolution:

Upload ONE video to my YouTube channel.


Original Resolution:

Try 5 new restaurants in Philadelphia

I’ve definitely lost track, but I think I’ve tried 5? Frankford Hall, Aloosh…Zavino, Honey’s, Bufad…that’s 5! I’m sure there have been others. I’ll say that resolution is complete, but I definitely want to try more!


Original Resolution:

Go on a (mini) vacation with my boyfriend

YEAH THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, and it probably won’t. With school and job searches it just isn’t possible.

New Resolution:

Just be happy and content where we are. πŸ™‚


Original Resolution:

Use more all natural products

If you’ve been reading my blog at all you know I’ve managed to incorporate a lot of natural brands into my rotation. See some of my favorites here!


Some new resolutions:

1. Graduate from grad school with flying colors.

2. Spend more time with my family now that we are all finally on the same coast.

3. Cut out more meat, dairy and sugar from my diet.


4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution Update

  1. Yahoo! I try to do a dream list each year . 100 dreams- some really crazy. Like you, I was re- reading that list this month and found that a dozen or so I was no longer interested in pursuing.
    I really encourage your mini- vaca a rest and a reset. Very useful for creative juices. Well done and blog on!

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