Lifestyle Favorites #1


Today I want to talk about something not beauty related. Because, surprise! My life is actually about more than make up. (But it’s still mostly about make up). Recently I’ve picked up a few ‘lifestyle’ items that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live without from now on. Hope you like this little peak into my more everyday life outside of the world of lipstick and nail polish!

vega chocolate protein review

Vega Protein Smoothie in Choc-A-Lot

It can be hard to find a good protein powder, especially one that isn’t made with a bunch of gross ingredients. I found the Vega brand on Vitacost and have been trying a few of the flavors of their vegan protein. By far the Choc-A-Lot flavor is my favorite. After a work out I like to mix one scoop of powder with half a banana and 8 oz of vanilla almond milk. Yum!

bark thins almond

Bark Thins Chocolate

I always seem to go to the grocery store and forget to buy any dessert items. I don’t have a HUGE sweet tooth (honestly I prefer a cheese plate for dessert), but it is nice to have a few sweets around for those days when you need a little sugar. I found this Bark Thins at the grocery store, and I literally don’t think I’ll ever stop buying them. Pictured here are the dark chocolate almond ones, and right now I have the dark chocolate pretzel. Perfect combo of salty, sweet and crunch, without a ton of added sugar and stuff!

tazo iced green tea

Tazo Iced Green Tea

This ain’t just any green tea. It’s green tea with peppermint. That peppermint makes this the most refreshing iced tea ever! Every week or so I brew a new batch of green tea to keep in the fridge. I like to have a mid day cup of tea but it’s too hot out so iced tea does the trick. That little bit of peppermint makes it so tasty and refreshing!

method clementine dish soap

Method Dish Soap Refill in Clementine

I’ve been using Method products for years, mostly because I love that you can buy this big refill bags! I live in a city so I can’t just hop out the door and buy dish soap if I run out. With these bags, I can make one trip to Target every few months and stock up. This clementine scent is the main reason this is a favorite. It is very similar to The Body Shop Satsuma scent, which is like the best scent ever. I want to try some other natural soap brands, but this just smells too good.

natures way melatonin

Nature’s Way Melatonin Lozenge

I live in a first floor apartment in a college area. It gets loud. I like to sleep. Sometimes, a little melatonin is necessary to get the job done. This lozenges have a slight passionfruit flavor which actually tastes pretty good. I find they start working much faster than swallowing a pill. As long as I got a good 8-9 hours of sleeps, I don’t feel groggy in the morning.


What’s one of your favorite non beauty related items?

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3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Favorites #1

  1. I have not yet tried Vega, but heard so many great things. I also love method. I bought the refill and it’s the best thing ever. Plus, it smells delicious. The bark thins are by far my favorite snack. I used to get it all the time, but they do get a bit expensive for the amount of chocolate. Maybe I’ll treat myself to it again this week.

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