Monday Manicure July 7th

pink manicure

It’s Monday ALREADY? Guys, stop doing this to me. I can’t.

Another Monday means another day at home doing homework, my nails, cleaning, more homework, accidentally taking a nap and finally writing my Monday Manicure post. I hate when I skip a week, but sometimes it’s just hard to find the time. I’ve got so many nail polishes that I forget about, so I’m trying to do a better job of making sure I’m using all the polishes I own. This week I went with a polish I got near the beginning of my nail polish obsession, and thus it holds a special place in my heart.

pink nail polish

I purchased this adorable pink polish from an Etsy seller named Joyful Noise Cosmetics. There doesn’t seem to be anything in her shop right now, but I figured I’d at least let you know where I got it from. The color is called “Bedazzleberry Rose”. I also purchased the same type of polish in a white base and a mint base, but the pink is definitely my favorite!

pink sparkle manicure

Bedazzleberry Rose is a light pink slightly shimmery base with multi colored glitter thrown in. I love the layered effect you get after using a few coats, and how each nail looks completely different.

My only complaint is that the glitter tends to sink to the bottom or get stuck on the sides of the bottle, so you don’t get a ton of glitter in each coat. Overall, I’m surprised by the quality of the base polish considering it is a homemade polish.

monday manicre

Hope you liked this week’s manicure despite it being a nail polish you probably can’t buy…eek.

Have you tried any indie nail polish sellers? I think I want to try some new ones soon!

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