Red, White and Beauty July Blog Hop!


Hi everyone! Welcome to July! This month I’m doing a blog hop with some lovely ladies I’ve met in the blogosphere. To celebrate the 4th of July, our theme of the month is “Red, White and Beauty”. I thought of that name. I’m just full of puns. I tend to wear the same outfit whenever I’m in need of a patriotic look, so I chose to present to you a red, white and blue manicure!! I can assure you this manicure is actually pretty easy, but a few tools are necessary.

patriotic manicure

As you can see, this manicure features the stars and stripes of the American flag. This look came out better than I expected, but I assure you I am NO nail art expert! Every time I look down at my nails I smile a little, it’s just so cute!

red white and blue nail polish

I used 4 colors for this look. You can use any red, white, blue and silver sparkle polish you choose, but in case you are curious….

Red: Spoiled by Wet and Wild ‘Hit the Brakes’

White: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear ‘White On’

Blue: Essie ‘Butler Please’

Silver: Essie ‘Set in Stones’

4th of july manicure

The star nails are super simple. Just a few coats of ‘Butler Please’ topped with a coat or two of ‘Set in Stones’. This is much easier than doing any star nail art. Also, the silver adds a nice sparkle, and reminds me of fireworks!

red white and blue manicure

The stripe nail are a little more difficult, and may take a little practice. First I painted the nail with a few coats of white and let them dry for a few hours while I did the blue nails, wrote a blog post, ate lunch, and watched some TV. You want the white polish to have completely set if you’re going to use tape like I did.

Using an X-Acto knife and a ruler, I cut thin strips of scotch tape. Place the tape on the nails in a stripe pattern.

Paint a coat or two of the red over it, let dry for a minute, then peal the tape off!

Some nails worked better than others. Some I needed to touch up.

If you can find a striping polish like this, you could skip the tape and make stripes by hand.

red white and blue patriotic manicure

Happy 4th of July to all my Americans readers! Check out the following blogs for more Red, White and Beauty looks!

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Angela from Your Beauty Whisperer 

Lisa from Subscription Therapy


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11 thoughts on “Red, White and Beauty July Blog Hop!

  1. Those lines came out great! I need to find striping tape I always drive myself crazy trying to cut regular tape like you did lol!

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