Favorite Beauty Tools


Us girls need a number of tools to turn into the beautiful creatures we like to face the world with. Today, I’ve decided to pick out my favorite tools and accessories I absolutely need to get ready. I didn’t include brushes because I’ve done a post on that already. These are all the other little things that I are always in my bathroom or on my vanity. I honestly think they are all necessary for everyone, and they will all change your life if you don’t have them already.


Wide Tooth Comb- I have pretty thick, curly hair, and I don’ think a normal comb has every smoothly gone through it. I like to use a wide tooth comb for a number of hair related tasks. On dry hair, I will use it too smooth out my hair a bit before styling. The wide toothness smoothes the hair without disrupting the style took much and creating frizz. I keep my comb in my shower for use on my wet hair. Whether I’m washing my hair or not, I like to comb out my hair in the shower. When I’m conditioning or using a hair mask it helps to distribute the product evenly.

Tangle Teezer- My life seriously changed once I got a Tangle Teezer. Like magic, it glides through my unruly hair without pulling and hurting my scalp. MAGIC I TELL YOU. Some people don’t like that it doesn’t have a handle, but I actually prefer it because it gives me a little more control. I don’t brush my hair all the time because it makes me hair poofy, but when I do I always reach for my Tangle Teezer. My poor paddle brush hasn’t been used in months.

tweezerman eye lash curlers

Crystal Nail File- I think this is another magic product. Crystal nail files never get worn out so you can use them forever (or until you lose them). I bought mine over a year ago and it is still going strong. I file my nails quite frequently because they tend to break. I think a crystal nail file isn’t as rough as some of those sandpapery ones so it doesn’t hurt the nail as much.

Tweezers- Well I guess it’s pretty obvious why I think tweezers are necessary. I pluck my own eyebrows, always have. Once a week or so I get out my super zoom mirror and and groom my brows. I love these Tweezerman ones because they are cheetah print, and they work well. The point is very thin and pointy so it is easy to get all those different pesky hairs. I also find tweezers to be useful for nail art, pesky packaging other beauty blunders.

Eyelash Curlers- Another pretty obvious one, right? My eyelashes hate to keep a curl, and I’ve tried a lot of different eyelash curlers. Despite that, I still use them everyday. Curling your lashes makes your eyes look bigger and more flirty, which is a great look to have. If someone has some crazy secret for curling lashes, please tell me.


Cotton Rounds- Sometimes I wonder how many of these I’ve gone through in my life. Have we hit 1,000,000? Ok probably not, but I’ve used a lot. Pretty much everyday I use 3 of these. Toner in the morning. Removing eye makeup at night, and toner at night. They are just super useful, cheap, and easy.

 Muslin Cloth- I only started using muslin clothes a few months ago when one came with my REN mask. Now, I use muslin cloths to take off most of my masks. I wet the cloth and gently wipe away the mask. I prefer this over rinsing it off because using that extra water can be drying (and I’m usually using a hydrating mask.) You can buy muslin cloths 0n Amazon, and a lot of masks actually come with them.

What is your most necessary beauty tool?

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13 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Tools

  1. I need a secret for keeping lashes curled too! I’ve read that curling them and using waterproof mascara will help them hold a curl, but I haven’t tried it yet because I normally don’t use waterproof. :[

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