Concealer Stash

concealer stash

I wonder if there will ever be a day I don’t need to reach for concealer. I also wonder if there will ever be a day that I absolutely love the concealer I’m using. I also use concealer to brighten under my eyes and concealer red spots, but I’m never really that happy with what I’m using. I’ve currently got four concealer going through a rotation. I’ll love one for a few weeks, then realize it’s actually not lasting all day, or it’s creasing under my eyes. And yet, I still continue using them because I hate wasting stuff!

benefit boi-ing

Benefit Boi-ing

I bought a shade too dark, but I make it work. This Benefit concealer is thick, but has high coverage. Since the shade is a bit too dark, I put this on under foundation, and only use it when I’ve got a tinge of tan so it blends better. This is my favorite for blemishes because the thick formula can stay put on a spot. I think it has a weird smell, and I can never get the back open. I’m hoping to use this shade up this summer. I might repurchase in a lighter shade, but I’d like to find something that doesn’t feel as heavy.

covergirl concealer

Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer

A YouTuber wouldn’t stop raving about this product, so in an attempt to find a better under eye concealer, I went out and bought this interested product. The Covergirl concealer is swirled with a hydrating Olay cream. I loved the concept, but didn’t really see it work. It worked okay under the eyes, but was a lost cause on blemishes. It has since been discontinued (cause it sucked?) and now there is a new Covergirl and Olay concealer, so maybe that works better.

maybelline dark circle eraser

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer

Thumbs up for the packaging, I wish more liquid concealers came in a package like this, I really love it. Out of all my concealers, this is my favorite for under the eye. It blends well and helps brighten up the area. I do find it tends to crease on me a bit, and looks cakey if I try to set it with powder. The shade is really nice because it brightens without looking to highlighted and unnatural.

rimmel wake me up

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

This Rimmel concealer is most reached for when I need to cover small spots on my face. It is light so it blends well, and I can add another layer or two without looking to heavy. The shades are a bit on the pink side, so it doesn’t look the best with all of my foundations, since I tend to buy more yellow toned shades. This concealer is just easy, it’s the best way to explain it. I just wish the coverage was a little better.

What is your absolute favorite concealer?? Please, suggestions! Preferably versatile ones.

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12 thoughts on “Concealer Stash

  1. I could not live without concealer! I love the MAC Studio Finish concealer which is lightweight and has great coverage. Might be a better substitute for your Benefit one? It lasts forever too! Mine took more than a year to finish and I used it daily. I also love the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for under my eyes, great coverage but it can crease a little under the eyes. Hope this helped! xx

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