Summer Wish List 2014


The past two days were over 90 degrees. It’s hot. I’ve been enjoying my time inside with fresh iced tea and the AC on full blast. With summer starting in just a few days, I thought it was about time I get up my summer wish list to show you all what kinds of goodies I’m hoping to get over the next few months. I really love making wish lists seasonally because I think it helps me to keep my spending in check. This way when I go shopping, I know what to ACTUALLY buy, instead of just buying whatever I like.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 3.36.14 PM

Trendy Sunglasses

I’ve got a few pairs of cheap sunglasses laying around, but I think I desperately need an upgrade. My boyfriend wears Ray Bans, and I’m wearing sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. The thing is, I think most sunglasses look bad on me, or I find them uncomfortable. I think I need to spend a day in an air conditioned mall and try on every single pair of cool sunglasses till I find the perfect pair!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 3.39.28 PM

Fun Summer Dresses

I need to stock up on fun, flirty, cute, airy, comfortable summer dresses. In the hot months, I love being able to throw on a nice dress and a few accessories and be able to run out the door and feel confident! I’ve got a few dresses I love, but could definitely use a few more. I find it hard to find the perfect dress. It’s always too see through, too short, too skimpy, too tacky, too….ok I’m picky.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 5.26.19 PM

Natural Sunscreen

In my attempts to use more natural products, I haven’t ventured much into sun protection since it was winter for like 9 months. Now that my skin is showing entirely too much, I need to invest in some proper natural SPF. I’ve been reading reviews on a few options, but I haven’t decided on a winner yet. (Plus I’m trying to use up the lasts of my conventional ones). If you have a favorite natural SPF please let me know!

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 5.26.49 PM

Dr. Sponge.

Alright, so Dr. Sponge is an exfoliating Konjac sponge with additives like green tea and aloe for a natural cleansing experience. They are sort of like the more affordable, more natural, more exotic Clairisonic. I’ve heard a few bloggers talking about Dr. Sponge and I really want to try one. I’ve got pretty congested skin most of the time, but my skin is sensitive to exfoliators. I’m interested to see if Dr. Sponge can help me with some of my skin issues!



Roses de Chloe, or any Chloe perfume, or any new perfume at all

I haven’t bought a new perfume in over a year, and I’m getting tired of the ones in my stash. I’ve always wanted to try a Chloe perfume, and I feel like Roses de Chloe would be the perfect scent for me. I think it’s a bit unique, but so light and girly that anyone would love it. I’m hoping to find the perfect perfume for me, and that I can continue to wear it for the rest of my life. Too bad perfume is so expensive though! I also really want to try a Jo Malone perfume, and the Lavanilla ones are so so nice.


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4 thoughts on “Summer Wish List 2014

  1. I LOVE this list! I feel the exact same way about sunglasses…they all make me look funny (or stupid) lol And I am a fan of everything else you mentioned, sun dresses, natural sunscreen and I’ve bee wanting to try a Konjac sponge for the longest time! ❤

  2. I should start making wish lists too. I have a bad habit of just going with an open mind and buying whatever appeals to me… Which is basically anything and everything haha. Good ideas and cute wish list

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