What’s In My Bag!

whats in my bag

Look at that messy bag. Everything all stuffed in…you can barley tell whats in there! I usually manage to cram a lot on my purse, no matter the size. I just can’t seem to be without all the little things that I need at ALL times!! The current purse I’m using is an old Dooney and Bourke bag I bought in high school. I just love the size, I can’t seem to give it up! It fits everything I need to have with me during day to day life.

whats in my bag

There it all is, all laid out in all its glory. Do I have too much stuff? I swear I need it all. I swear!! I really like to have everything I need with me so I’m covered wherever I am. It’s also helpful for other people. Need a bandaid? I probably have one. Need a tampon, GIRL I GOT YOU.

marc jacobs wallet

At the time of this picture I was still reading No More Dirty Looks. I usually keep the book I’m reading in my purse so if I find myself with a free minute I can read.

I usually keep a small notebook in my bag so I can write down notes for blogging on the go. This notebook I have here was free from my grad school orientation. Classy!

Of course I have my keys, headphones, sunglasses. Necessary objects.

My annoyingly giant wallet is from Marc Jacobs. Ok. I love it. I can hold every single thing a wallet should hold, and I can actually fit my phone in there too.

I like to keep this tiny umbrella in my purse, especially in the spring and summer months because the rain can be unpredictable. It fold up super tiny so I fit it in easily!

lip products in bag

So when I went to take these photographs, I some how had a ridiculous amount of lip products in my purse. Girl alert. Girl alert. I almost always have a few tinted lip balms thats are good for on the go, and then a few more pigmented shades to go with whatever I’m wearing.

whats in my bag

Now for the fun part! I keep this little blue bag in my purse that hold everything you may need on the go. I just move this from purse to purse so I never need to worry about forgetting something.

Always tampons. Hand sanitizer and lotion. Advil and Pepto. Perfume, blotting papers, a little mirror, lip balm, tide to go, mini pen. Random wipes that clean your teeth, but don’t really work.

whats in my bag

Ah, all better, now we are all organized!

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11 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag!

  1. I like this idea for a post! Mine is a LOT messier…I mad have to do a “tidy up” before I even take the beginning photo LOL

  2. Ha ha. So funny. Don’t think u have too much. I’ve seen ppl carry more! This is a good idea for a post. I’m going to copy you. I promise to give you credit. 🙂

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