Nail Art Tools and Accessories

nail art tools

Instead of a Monday Manicure this week, I’m bring you my favorite tools and accessories for doing nail art! I’ve been a nail art lover for a few years now. I am no where near as good as some others out there, but there are a few easy designs I love to do often. I’ve accumulated a small collection of items that make nail art much easier, and quicker to do. Nail art can be hard at first, but I assure you, you will get better with a little practice!

nail art accesories


Dried Flowers- These dried flowers are from, a great site for cheap nail art tools and accessories. The flowers are a bit large for my nails, so I usually cut them in half. I like to use two different colors layered on my nails. They can definitely be difficult to use, but they add interesting texture to a design!

Gold Studs- My favorite are these small gold studs, also from Born Pretty. Take any plain creme nail polish, add some studs, and you’ve got a look that will impress anyone. When the nail polish is still tacky, I place the studs down with tweezers. Press them in, then top with a thick layer of top coat. I find the studs usually stay put for the length of a manicure.

Gold Leaf- Now we are getting fancy! I bought this pot of gold leaf at Urban Outfitters. If you cover the whole nail in this stuff, people will be stopping you left and right asking to see your nails. They make the nail more shiny and metallic than nail polish could.

Loose Glitter- You can buy loose glitter at any craft store, but the one I have here is from Julep. Your nail will turn into the most beautiful, glittery things you’ve ever seen. After applying a coat of polish, I just dip my finger in the pot to cover. It gets messy, trust me. But the effect is awesome!

born pretty studs born pretty flowers nail art tools

Nail Polish Tools

These are too tools that are a great first step in doing nail art. They both have striping brushes which are long and thin. These can be used to make stripes, swirls, or abstract designs. This way you don’t have to buy a separate striping brush and have to deal with cleaning that. The lavender polish on the left also has a built in dotting tool which is the best invention ever!

nail art dotting tool

Dotting Tools

Look up ‘dotting tools’ on Amazon or eBay, and you’d find plenty of options for only a few bucks. These dotting tools changed my nail art life. You can make polka dots and flowers with so much ease. I’ve even made some more elaborate designs like cheetah print or jeweled designs just using the different sized tools. It may take a little getting used too, but dotting tools are the best.

Dual Ended Q Tips- I have been using dual ended Q-tips for years to clean up any manicure. The point side is good for cleaning right around the cuticle, and the flatter side is good for larger clean ups.

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