Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream

lumene pure radiance day cream

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Lumene has changed the name and packaging of this product since I purchased it, but I’m pretty sure it is the same formula!! This is the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream, but the packaging I have is called Pure Radiance Day Cream. Radiance. Bright. You get the jist. This is a brightening day cream infused with Vitamin C  to give fresh, glowy looking skin.

lumene bright now day cream

I like to call this cream my hangover cure cream. Let me explain. A while ago I had a small pot of this cream that I’d gotten from the drugstore. I used it for a few days and was really liking it. One weekend morning, my face was feeling so…weird….after a night of drinking. It felt tight, congested and dry. I applied the Lumene cream and my skin instantly felt better…and I think I felt a little better too!

lumene vitamin c

The Lumene Bright Now day cream gives my skin a plump, glowy appearance, which is exactly the look I am going for. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day but isn’t too heavy to wear under make up. Vitamin C products are my new obsession. I can see a big difference in my skin!

I love a day cream with SPF, and Bright Now has SPF 15. SPF 15 isn’t really enough to protect your skin for a period of time, but I usually wear makeup with SPF too. If I’m spending the day outside, I always pair it with a higher SPF sunscreen.

Oh, and the smell! It kind of smells like orange pixi sticks. I absolutely love how it smells. I find it pretty invigorating in the morning.

lumene skincare

The product come in a put which is easy to use and closes nice and tight to protect the product. Not the most ideal for travel though because it is a tad heavy. I’ve seen little plastic pots of most Lumene moisturizers at drugstore, so if you’re looking for something to travel with those could be a great option.

Have you tried any other Lumene products? I’m curious about the line!

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