Disappointing Products #1

products i wouldn't repurchase

Today, we are focusing on some not so loved products. With so many lovely products in the world, it is easier to blog all about the great things, but I think it’s about time we focus on a few I wasn’t as happy with. Now remember, these are things that didn’t work for ME, everyone is different! Some of these are things that are highly loved by others. Also, it’s not necessarily that I hated the products or anything…just that I wouldn’t want to use them again. Ok, let’s get talking!

products i wouldn't repurchase

Revlon Photoready BB Cream- Believe it or not, this was the first BB cream I ever bought. I was curious about the trend, but didn’t want to spend too much money on one. I’d loved other Revlon base products, so I thought I could trust the brand. What I don’t like about this BB cream is two main things. It feels very greasy, which leads to an oily, shiny appearance. I’m rarely shiny (dry skin queen over here), so to see a product make me shiny is SO annoying! I also felt this product felt heavy on the skin, and didn’t let me skin breath causing me to break out.

Whish Correcting Gel- One main thing. My eyes BURNED when I used this product! Luckily it was a small sample size from an Ipsy bag, but I just HAD to mention it. I also felt this broke my skin out. That with the burning…oh what a bad combo. Not sure what caused either problem!

Benefit High Beam- So I’m pretty sure this is one of those widely loved products in the beauty world. I just…don’t really like it! I find it hard to blend into my skin, and instead I end up with more of a stripe of highlight that doesn’t look natural. I also find I don’t like the shade. It’s a bit too pearly and opaque, that I feel like it is too obvious I’m wearing it. I definitely prefer powder highlights. Sometimes I mix High Beam in with my foundation for a glowy look, which I like a little better.

rimmel luna

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Color in Keep Up the Flame- It’s weird, I don’t really even remember why I bought this, considering I’m not much of  bright lip wearer. The way this product works is that you paint the lip with the color on one end, wait for it to dry, then use the lip balmy end to keep the lips glossy and moisturized. So, it feel like paint. On your lips. The entire time I wore this product, I couldn’t pay attention to anything other than how my lips felt. I also felt the product feathered a bit, it was hard to get a nice clean line. Let’s not talk about how hard it was to get off!!

Rimmel Show off Lip Lacquer in Luna- I’m pretty sure the Rimmell Show Off or Apocolips lacquers were all the rage when they first came out. When I finally got my hands on them, I bought two colors, Luna and Big Bang. I LOVE Big Bang (bright red) but for some reason Luna was another story. The product would settle into every line in my lips, even if I was nicely moisturized. Also, any tiny bit of dry skin was suddenly so obvious. The color would always come out patchy too…ugh. Big Bang isn’t like that at all!

rimmel luna

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna

maybelline 24 hour

Maybelline 24 Hour in Keep Up the Flame

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18 thoughts on “Disappointing Products #1

  1. Is there a BB/CC cream that you’ve tried since then that you’ve liked but is still in an affordable price range? I use Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream which I like quite a bit but I’d love to try something new, so I was just wondering about your thoughts on this.

    1. I actually haven’t! I had a ton of sample sizes laying around of different companies, so I’ve been testing those. Currently I’m using the Pacifica Mineral BB Cream. I like it, but it has a lot of shimmer in it, so I feel a little TOO glowy after using it.

  2. Hey I think you bought the wrong benefit highlighter. I work for them and if you were my client I would’ve put sunbeam on your skin tone. I would recommend blending it in with your finger and then going over it with a small amount of powder.
    I have found with Luna that you need two or three coats and it doesn’t last as well as the others but you can make it work 🙂

    1. Well I didn’t really buy the ‘wrong’ one, I meant to buy High Beam. I’ve tried similar products as well and pretty much decided I just prefer powder highlighters, since I usually wear powder foundation. As for Luna, I tried everything….It always turned out streaky!! I’m giving it to a friend to see if she likes it.

  3. That Rimmel lacquer looks so disappointing! Your lip swatches really helped. I’ve been looking to try more Benefit products, but perhaps I’ll stay away from their High Beam and try another one of their highlighters.

  4. I completely agree about High Beam! I have the exact same issues with it, hard to blend and an obvious line! :/

  5. I had high hopes of Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Hour Color after seeing my future mother-in-law use it, but it was probably the worst lip product I have ever used! Definitely will not be repurchasing either. Great post!

  6. I absolutely agree with the Benefit highlighter….I was looking for a similar product and entered a Sephora store some time ago, where the shop assistant recommended this liquid highlighter, which created a sort of mess on her hand and didn’t convince me at all. Luckily, I saved some money, as I understand from your post, since you’ve been using it surely longer…

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