May Favorites 2014

michael todd, andalou naturals

Every month I keep a running list of products I’m loving, and then at the end of the month I look back and think what did I REALLY love. This month was very skincare centric. I’d been having some weird break outs on my chin that nothing was fixing, so I was just trying to keep them clean. I also am trying to really brighten my skin so I can be happy with it make up free during beach and pool days. I am much happier with my skin now than I used to be. (Skin routine posts coming soon!)

michael todd organics, andalou naturals, lumene


Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner

When I first started using this product, I only used it once a week or so, because I was using other toners I was happy with. Now that I finished my Michael Todd Cranberry Antiox Toner (did you see my empties?) I had to reach into my drawer and find something else to use daily. For maybe 3 weeks now I’ve been using the Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Toner, and I am IN LOVE. (I’ve already used almost half the bottle!) Super-fruits, antioxidants and vitamin C are a skincare match made in heaven. My skin looks so much more glowy and healthy! Also, the spray nozzle produces the perfect mist.

Michael Todd True Organics Avocado and Mango Mask

Another product that has helped improve the look of my skin is this 70% organic mask from Michael Todd. This stuff is good enough to eat. About twice a week I use this mask after cleansing to renew the skin and keep it hydrated. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and restore the layers underneath. I’ve had a lot of scarring on my chin, and this mask has help reduce them so much! There is also aloe, avocado oil, shea butter, and other healthy ingredients. Natural products FTW.

Lumene Pure Radiance Day Cream

Way back when I first started my blog, I mentioned the Lumene Pure Radiance Day Cream. At the time I only had a little pot, but I finally bought the full size. I think this is my holy grail day cream. Let’s start with the smell. Light citrus pixie sticks. Mm. This Finnish company uses some really interesting ingredients. Here we have ‘arctic cloudberry’. Sadly a lot of the other ingredients aren’t too great, and I’m trying to use more natural products instead. The cream hydrates my skin amazingly, and definitely gives radiance to the skin. I’ll happily use up this pot, but I really wish it was natural!

covergirl eyeliner

Make Up

Color Club Nail Art Duo Pen in Sea Lavender

This little guy is a super cool tool I wish I’d discovered years ago. There is a pen that allows the perfect amount of polish to come out to make polka dots. There is also a brush to create stripes or other designs. SUPER NIFTY! I can get a lot of nail art done a lot faster using this.

Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ginger Flame

Now that it is warmer, I’m pulling out the lighter eyeshadows. I’ve started to really love different shades of pink on the lid, especially when I’m tan. It’s just enough color without being over the top. This Covergirl shadow pencil is surprisingly smooth and silky for a drugstore product. The pencil is a light pink shimmer made that I wear all over the lid blended out. It lasts all day and brightens up the face so easily.

What was your favorite product this month?

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